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Meet Sage... a one year old female Border Collie with a delightful personality and temperament. She absolutely loves all people and will wiggle and wag her way over to meet any stranger. She is learning to contain her exuberance by sitting instead of jumping on people during initial greetings.

Sage's activity level is typical of a young Border Collie. Her foster mom considers her to have medium drive and activity level. She settles well in the house if her exercise needs have been met. She is happy to settle with a chew toy and will often lie down at your feet.

She did not know how to play with toys when she arrived at her foster home. She has quickly become a fetching fanatic and loves to play fetch with balls and squeaky toys. She is learning to return the toy and drop it for more fun. She also loves to play tug and is learning to release the tug toy on command and wait for the start of another round.

She would love to have a canine companion in her new home. The dogs in her foster home will not play with her. Sage tries her best to get a game started and has learned to back off when they give her a warning glance. When meeting new dogs, she initially expresses caution. After a warm-up period, she is happy to engage in play with a willing partner. In typical Border Collie fashion, she loves to play chase and "herd" other dogs.

Sage's foster home is also home to a cat, rabbit, and horse. She is very interested in these animals. She would like to play with the cat and will chase if there is an opportunity. She is easily redirected with a toy when this happens. Her herding instinct really shows when she is around the horse. She attempts to nip the heels, but responds well to a "Leave It!" command.

A common Border Collie trait is the desire to "herd" moving vehicles. Sage gave this a try when she was younger and was hit by a car (no serious injury). She has not shown any desire to chase vehicles in her foster home. In fact, her foster mom has noticed that she tends to move away from an approaching vehicle. To be safe, a fenced yard would be best if her new home is near a busy street.

Because of her herding instinct, older children would be best. She currently lives with two adults and a 13 year old girl. She responds well to each one and is generally willing to please and easy to redirect if she gets too rough. She is still a puppy and needs guidance and patience to become the best Border Collie she can be. A basic obedience class is required.

A few other things: Sage loves water and will probably be a good swimmer, she is able to stand on her hind legs and can quickly walk backwards while in the heel position (musical freestyle dancing???), she is not thrilled about car rides, but does not suffer from car sickness.

Sage is being fostered in Maine.

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