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Sam is a 5 year old purebred, black and white border collie with prick ears and rough coat. Did you notice the ńspectaclesî that highlight his chocolatey brown eyes and sweet-as-sin personality?

What's to say about Sam... He's that dog that just always wants to hang out with you. Wants to play frisbee, nap at your feet, wake you up in the morning with kisses (make sure your mouth is closed), go for car rides, trail rides and be a great all-around companion dog.

Sam is one heck of a frisbee dog! (for some pictures of Sam's frisbee exploits, see his foster brother's blog HERE.

In his foster home, Sam gets along swimmingly with his 3 or 4 foster brothers, and 3 foster cats. He's a very soft dog who doesn't like raised voices and avoids confrontation - to the point of allowing himself to be bullied by dogs with stronger personalities. Sam just wants to hang out and be part of the gang!

As far as Border Collies go, Sam is relatively low-energy. He definitely needs daily exercise, but he's not all go-go-go like some. He'd do very well with any type of family.

He grew up with a child in the house, and is reportedly very gentle with children. He has no guarding issues from people or dogs. Sam is crate trained, house trained, and has some basic obedience, including a great recall. Sam only barks when a stranger comes to the door, or when he is playing with other dogs.

Sam is reported to be somewhat noise sensitive with thunder / power tools. We haven't seen any of this, but it's something to keep in mind. When he is "worried" he paces about and whines. He is not destructive, however.

Sam is Lyme positive, but is showing no symptoms.

Sam is UTD on shots, neutered and microchipped, and is being fostered in central MA.

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