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Scarlet ~ ADOPTED


Scarlet isn't what we would typically consider "Special Needs", but she does have very few teeth and would benefit from an appropriate diet. She is currently on a ground raw diet and is doing very well. (see below)



Scarlet has been a perfect little houseguest. She is much more confident now and is in superb shape (showing of her muscles and new shiny coat!). She is playing some games with her foster siblings and liking toys more and more. She is somewhat leery of new people who try to interact with her too fast, but if left alone she will make friends on her own pretty quickly. She has been quite scared of the children who she's seen, mostly because they try so hard to interact with her. She was OK with the few children who would give her the space she needed. She has been a wonderful host to all visiting dogs at our house.

Being a Texas gal, we weren't sure how she'd handle the 18 inches of snow we had in October, but she LOVED it! Though she had to jump and leap to herd her foster brothers though the deep snow, she seemed to be having a blast. She is quite bonded to her foster parents and we know she'll do the same with her new family. She will often come curl up against one of us, or lay her head on us to be close. She still follows us everywhere, indoors and out. She loves her crate and seems to prefer an early bedtime.

Though Scarlet is an active dog, she is more laid back than some BCs her age. Scarlet will make some lucky family a fabulous companion.


What a wonderful pup! Scarlet is a puppy mill momma and survivor, rescued in April of 2011. We know she lived a tough life, but she has been QUITE happy to leave it all behind and is enjoying the comforts and benefits of living in a real home with people who love her. The vets estimate that she is only about 3 years old.

Scarlet loves...
• Food
• Treats!
• Petting
• Curling up near her person, wherever they may be
• Following her person everywhere
• Food!

Scarlet is thrilled to have her own people! She is living in a foster home with 3 other border collies and is getting used to sharing her people and food with them, but in an ideal world she wouldn't have to. She is really buddies with the older female and likes to herd her outside like her own personal sheep. She tolerates the middle aged-male border collie, but has very little patience for the bouncy 2 year old border collie in the house who is always trying to play with her.

In her ideal home she'd probably be the only dog, but maybe would be OK with sharing with an older, very laid back dog who wouldn't compete with her for scratches or treats!

Unique things about Scarlet...

  • She is TEENY tiny (only about 2' long, 16 inches tall at the shoulders and 26 pounds). Her foster mom scoops her up all the time and carries her on her forearm!

  • Most of her front teeth are worn down, possibly from living in a cage for most of her life, or poor nutrition (or a combination of both). Scarlet LOVES her raw ground diet which is easy to find in any quality petstore.

  • For a dog raised with 166 other dogs, and few (if any) humans...SHE LOVES people! She's the first one to run to the gate and greet friends and neighbors. She takes a bit longer to warm up to men, though she doesn't bark, just keeps her distance. Sitting men with treats are her fave! She wants to be right with her people all the time.

  • Her SILLY underbite causes her tongue to stick out sometimes, particularly when she's tired or resting.

  • Her sweet tail is always wagging!

Scarlet has been an ideal houseguest in that she rarely barks, is housetrained, loves to rest in her crate after playing and activity (she doesn't make a peep and sleeps all night!). She rides BEAUTIFULLY in her crate in the car, has tolerated bathing, ear drops, skin cleaning/ointment, nail clipping and veterinary procedures! She has met new dogs and basically ignored them, maybe some appropriate sniffing, doesn't want any trouble, just wants to be left alone. She's a bit guardy, especially with new dogs, when it comes to resources (people or food).

Scarlet hasn't shown any interest in toys, though she likes to go places and stays right with her person, so she might be a good hiking buddy eventually. She needs more practice with walking on a leash, especially if you want her to go in a direction she'd rather not. She has fun playing in the lake, herding the dogs, wading around and sticking her face in the water. She's not afraid to go out on the dock or wade in up to her chest.

Scarlet just wants to be loved and to hang out. She is like a quiet little shadow that just follows you around and wants to be with you. She's not terribly intense and is easily redirected if she's doing something naughty. Occasionally she'll remind you she was completely neglected, like when she hops up onto the table to get closer to you as if it's perfectly normal. Or when she seeks out/steals food by any means necessary. She is a quick study and is learning what's Ok and not OK in this new world of living with humans. Learning tricks and such from humans is new for her; even taking food from our hands was new. She will need a patient new family who can work with her on basic obedience and make it fun.

Scarlet is healthy, microchipped, up to date on vaccines and tick/HW preventatives, spayed and ready to find her new home! In her idea home she'd be pampered and hang out with her humans all day long! But she's OK with being in the crate for a bit while humans work. She's likely not destined for the agility ring or to be your next Frisbee dog, but will be wonderful, active pet for a lucky person or family. Scarlet will be spayed before she goes to her forever home. She is up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives.

Scarlet is being fostered in Northwest CT.

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