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Scarlett ~ ADOPTED



Meet Scarlett! Scarlett is an adorable, petite, feisty, 9 year old spitfire who is looking for a BC-savvy family.

This sweetheart is easy to fall in love with, so before reading further you should know that her perfect family will be one with no cats, a hard fence, no kids under 12 and a really good sense of humor.

Things you should know about Scarlett:

Scarlett's got more than her fair share of herding instinct. Scarlett's instinct to herd bikes, cats and other dogs trumps just about everything else in life. Doesn't matter how tasty of a treat you have for her, if something is herd-able (or fetch-able), then you're old news (unless, of course, you're the one throwing the fetch-able thing). This, in addition to the fact that Scarlett's recall still needs a lot of work, is why a hard fence is required for Scarlett's safety.

Scarlett would love a canine sibling. Scarlett loves herding her canine foster brother around the house and yard, and would love to be able to continue this fun game in her new home. When she's not herding him, she is very respectful of him and has no issues sharing toys, the couch, the bed, the water bowl, etc. with him.

Off leash, Scarlett is great with other dogs. On leash dog greetings can be stressful for her, especially when the other dog is barking. Her forever family will be one that understands how to work with her on this.

Scarlett acts MUCH younger then 9. Aside from a touch of arthritis and a little grey, Scarlett looks and acts like a puppy with her petite size and spunky nature. She even sometimes forgets herself and will do naughty puppy things, like climbing up on tables and chairs. Mind you, she doesn't want your food- she just wants a better view out the window.

Scarlett also forgets her manners at times when it comes to snatching toys out of your hand if you don't throw them fast enough. She's been learning how to go 'back' and wait politely for her people to throw her toy. This toy snatching can be scary for young children, so for this reason Scarlett will only be placed in a home with older children who are able to understand how to play when she forgets her manners.

Scarlett is looking for an active home that is dedicated to exercising her both physically AND mentally. While in foster care Scarlett has been working hard at learning how to use her smart little brain, and often times a good session of training wil ltire her out more than hours of fetch ever could.

Scarlett is a lovebug. Out and about Scarlett really couldn't care less about stopping to be pet by people. There are just too many things that could possibly need to be herded or fetched. Inside is another story. She will happily let you cuddle and love her as much as you'd like, and would like nothing more than a good snuggle at the end of the day.

Check out Scarlett in action!

If you think you might be willing to accept Scarlett's wild (but hilarious) ways, check out her video and submit an application!

Scarlett is currently being fostered in Maine.


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