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Scotlund ~ ADOPTED


I'm home!

Right where I landed a little over 7 months ago. My foster home has decided that they simply cannot part with my goofy ways. I made sure to be on my best behavior during this time so that they wouldn't even know I was there, except when I had to bark at everyone going by the house, or when I had to be a jerk and be possessive over balls with one of my sisters, or when I couldn't contain my excitement about going on walks and almost dragged my people down the road, or when I lay smack dab in the middle of the kitchen when its breakfast time or dinner time, or when I absolutely HAD to be petted and when sitting nicely didn't get me attention so I had to plop my big paw in their laps, or when one of my sisters was getting attention and I had to shove my big old head in the middle of it.

You can see how they just could not bear the thought of being without me.

I would like to thank all the NEBCR volunteers who during those critical first days after my rescue either provided for my physical needs, or just kept me close in their thoughts, to make sure that I would live another day to once again enjoy the good life. I am forever in their debt.


Scotlund is one of the Lucky 7, coming all the way from Tennessee.  When rescued, he was living in deplorable conditions wasting away in a puppy mill.

Scot can be fine with the right mix of other dogs. He does not interact with them, but he is over the top if he thinks he wants something that another dog has, to the point of being pretty obnoxious about it. He would need to live with other dogs that don't care about toys, and even still, careful management of picking up toys or goodies when he is around other dogs is a must.  He will be too much of a "toy hog" to live with other dogs that find toys as enticing as he does. Scot would be very happy to be an only dog, that way he could hog the loving from his people, as well as all the toys. ;)

Scot has not been tested on cats.

Given a choice of what to do during the day, he would choose to be glued to his human.

Scot loves everyone - young, old and in between.

He loves his morning and afternoon walks. He is a strong boy but walks fairly well with an easy-walk harness. Currently he weighs 60 lbs but another 5-10 lbs would suit him fine, so he is going to be a good sized boy!

Scot will always suffer the effects of his past life. His lungs have been compromised from years of breathing in the filth and stench of the puppy mill. This means that he has little endurance for strenous activity. He is fine with short periods of chasing balls and going for long easy walks but being a partner to a trail runner is not something in his future. Scot is fine with this. He only aspires to find a home where he can be with his person. He has tolerated his numerous medical treatments with grace and patience. He is a very gentle soul.

Scot has traveled many miles and his journey is still not quite complete. He is looking for that final stop where he can spend the rest of his many days being loved and cared for in the way that he deserves.

A positive reinforcement training class is a requirement of his adoption.

Scotlund is being fostered in NH.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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