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Scout is an athletic, friendly, lover-boy! A 7 month old male border collie (possibly mixed with terrier), Scout would make an AWESOME sports prospect, possibly for agility, flyball or obedience. He is keen and eager to work for food, very fast, compact and springy! Scout actually smiles!

Scout currently lives with 3 border collies. He wrestles and plays herding games with them inside and outside. When other dogs get too rambunctious or are barking, Scout tends to step in and try to cool things down. He reportedly was OK with the cat he lived with in his previous home. He hasn't shown much interest in playing with toys, but is learning to play tug and loves to chase the other dogs. He also loves chewies!

With his people, he is a total love! He wags himself in half when he sees you and gives kisses. He loves to be in your lap, give kisses and to be scratched and petted. With new people, Scout is shy at first. He also barks when someone comes to the door. But he quickly warms up to everyone he meets.

Scout is housetrained and crate trained. He is learning to love his crate, and sometimes barks a bit to let you know he'd rather be out with his people. He sleeps through the night in his crate but would rather be in bed with you. He is a pretty mellow pup; if there isn't a dog around to play with he will just lie on the couch or near wherever you're working. He rides well in the car, either crated or with a seatbelt. Scout is OK with being brushed and did well at the vet. Scout still needs socialization so he learns that it's really fun to visit new people and places.

Yes, he's just about perfect! Scout was relinquished for no fault of his own; someone in his home was allergic to him. Scout's ideal home would have a fenced yard, people to engage in training or a sport with him, and who would be home with him most of the time.

Scout needs daily exercise and would be happy playing an organized sport or just being an active hiking/jogging/walking pal. He would be OK with a mellow canine pal who didn't mind being herded, or as an only dog.

Since he's just a puppy Scout requires an approved positive reinforcement-based training class as a condition of his adoption.

Scout is being fostered in Northwest CT.

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