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Serra ~



PREFERRED (see below)

Serra is temporarily unavailable while we address some issues concerning her health. We will update her bio once she is available again.

Serra, a purebred border collie, will be 2 in April, and is as active and intense as she is pretty! Purchased as what surely was an adorable little pup, she quickly grew into a real border collie, and found herself in need of a new home as she was simply too much for her originally family to handle.

Don't let her beautiful looks fool you, she is definitely not for the faint of heart. This girl needs a job, and she needs a lot of structure. She doesn't seem to have had much in the way of rules with her first home, but she is a bright girl and catches on quickly. She thrives being an integral part of the family, and is eager to learn new things. She does not like being left out of activities and will make her displeasure known by way of barking.

Serra loves playing with dogs who will play with her, but she did not enter rescue with good dog skills, and while she's had some excellent teachers in her foster home, she can be extremely pushy in her playstyle which is not tolerated by all dogs, and she doesn't appreciate them letting her know that. She will play for hours with dogs that will put up with her pushy play style, but does not do well with other active dogs that don't want to play - this kicks her "Order Collie" control gene into high gear and she goes into overdrive trying to control the energy - and then no one is happy.

She is crate trained but is very vocal about spending time in her crate if she thinks there is fun going on in the house without her. She can be quiet and calm when the house is peaceful and also when her foster mom is out of the house, but will bark when she hears the car pull in. She is housetrained and is happy to hang out chewing on a bone and playing bitey face with her friends after a good day's exercise. She will bark at cats when she is in her crate but when loose does ok with them. She would surely chase a cat that ran but she is good with dog savvy cats.

Serra has been introduced to herding and has great interest in working, however, she needs a lot of work on her impulse control. She also needs work on being comfortable with handling around her hind end, which can make grooming her pretty fur a challenge. She currently needs to be muzzled for this but we are continuing to work on desensitizing her.

She loves being with her people, is very bright and is food and toy motivated. She enjoys playing tug and fetching toys. She enjoys playing with the jolly ball as well! When she came into rescue she wasn't convinced people were of that much use to her but she has been learning it can be rewarding to work with humans as partners.

Serra's new home must have a solid plan to meet her exercise needs - both mentally and physically. A fenced yard, while preferred, is not necessarily required - each applicant is looked at on a case-by-case basis, and we are truly looking for the best fit for Serra, where she is going to be able to thrive. That said, she is not currently a candidate to be loose in an unfenced yard, however, so if you don't have a fence you do need a solid plan on how to meet her exercise needs safely.

A home with other *compatible* dog(s) and an experienced dog owner with a desire to be actively involved in training of some sort is preferred. Serra is being placed with a positive reinforcement based training class requirement as a condition of her adoption. She will likely do best with easy going playful males dogs who enjoy a rough-and-tumble play style.

Check out Sierra in action!

Serra is being fostered in Connecticut and can be seen in NY state near the MA border.


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