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Shasta ~ ADOPTED


Who wants to play?!?! Shasta sure does! Don't let her age and her weight fool you, this gal is all border collie and "PLAYTIME" is her middle name!

Shasta was relinquished to the MSPCA along with her 7 year old sibling. Their former owner got the girls as young pups and loved them dearly, but financial difficulties forced him to give up his beloved girls. It's a sad sign of the times, and NEBCR is being contacted about more and more dogs being given up due to the tough economy, job and housing loss.

Shasta's sister was adopted quickly, but Shasta was not. Maybe people were fooled by her age, or the fact that she is grossly obese at the moment, but they clearly missed out on the fact that this girl is a real gem.

She charmed the people at the shelter - even the vet that gave her a thorough workup (she hadn't been to a vet in a while). Aside from her weight - Shasta is on a strict diet and needs to lose about 15-20 lbs - she was diagnosed mildly hypothryoid. We're having a full thyroid panel run to see if she should be on daily meds (very affordable and easy to give). Otherwise she was pronounced heathy ...and sweet and lovely!

Shasta looooooooves people, and absolutely adores any and all attention she can soak up. Despite her weight, she has no trouble launching herself into your lap for snuggle time - her 2nd favorite time of day after PLAYTIME!

Did we mention Shasta loves to play?! Balls, toys, frisbees... you name it, she loves it. While her stamina isn't great right now (although it's improving as the weight comes off) she is ALL border collie in her willingness to fetch whatever you've got over, and over, and over, and over... She will bring it right back to you every time, even putting it right IN your hand if you ask her to.

Shasta will fixate on the toys like a puppy, and you may need to hide them all when you want her to chill out. The good news is that once she realizes play time is really over, she is happy to settle down and keep you company.

Shasta gets along well with other dogs. Her greetings are very appropriate, and if another dog gives her any "lip" she politely turns away. She is NOT looking for trouble. It's not clear yet whether she's looking to play with other dogs, but she very much enjoys chasing them around barking her silly head off when they're running around.

Shasta is quite the lady with cats. In her foster home there is a younger, fearless cat that has taken to walking right up to (and under!) Shasta and rubbing up against her. Shasta seems to enjoy this and likes to follow the kitty around calmly (i.e., she doesn't chase or obsess). A bigger deal is that the older cat in her foster home, a cat that is typically wary of all strange dogs, was almost immediately comfortable with Shasta.

Shasta is reportedly good with kids over 5, but we have no direct knowledge of this. Because of this, and her exuberance with chasing down her toys, we will not place her with kids under 5.

Shasta doesn't love being alone, and will whine a bit when you leave her behind - even in the other room. Part of this may be all the upheaval in her life recently, and it seems to get better as she is more comfortable in a new place. Still, Shasta's ideal home will be with people that do not work long hours and will be around to hang out and play with her.

Shasta walks pretty well on a leash - she wanders and sniffs a bit, but doesn't tend to pull. She enjoys car rides

Despite her age, if you're looking for a "old couch potato dog" Shasta isn't your girl. But if you're looking for a dog that's more settled than a youngster, has good manners, walks nicely on a leash, and is more than happy to accompany you everywhere... oh yeah, and is a serious fetch partner ...Shasta might be the gal for you!

Shasta is being fostered in NH.

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