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Sheba is a 2 year old tri-color moderate coat border collie mix. She looks like a border collie but is a bit taller and longer than a purebred. Sheba is fully vetted and spayed, and current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She knows sit, down, and shake.

Sheba is a beautiful girl, full of life and energy, and very social. She loves children, and gets along quite well with other dogs. She plays with other dogs who want to play with her, but respects them if they do not wish to play. She enjoys the Frisbee as well as many other toys. She is unbelievably sweet. She is crate trained and house broken.

As with most border collies, Sheba has some quirks. She barks when left completely alone (is usually ok if another dog is around). She also barks when she wants something, usually play time.

Sheba was relinquished because she was frequently let out accidentally by the children in her home and without a fenced yard, went about the neighborhood looking for some fun. She does require a careful eye, and a securely fenced yard.

She does pull on the leash, and needs an Easy Walk Harness when leashed. When she's exciited, she will take the leash in her mouth, but does not tug.

For video of Sheba in action, go to http://youtube.com/

Sheba is being fostered in upstate NY.

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