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Sherlock is a fun, energetic, 10 year old boy who has found himself in rescue through no fault of his own. Since he’s such a smart boy who loves finding things to give to his foster mom, we’ve given him some clues so he can get started finding his forever family:

Clue #1: Forever family must have Frisbees, balls or any other toy that can be fetched.

Sherlock’s life absolutely revolves around fetching, and he’s had 10 years to perfect his fetching style. He’s fabulous at bringing a toy right back to your feet, putting it on your lap, in the shower with you, wherever he thinks you might need it. He’s quite a resourceful guy and if there are no toys to be found than you can expect some very creative alternatives to be given to you instead. Sherlock would happily play fetch with you all day, every day. With a few hikes, walks and dips in the kiddy pool thrown in for good measure.

Clue #2: Forever family must be dedicated to maintaining his health.

Sherlock would like nothing more than to do anything you ask of him, no matter how physical. However, he does have arthritis and is currently taking two medications to help with it. He is also on a low cost thyroid medication. He will only be placed with a family that is dedicated to continuing this course of treatment or a similarly effective alternative that would allow him to comfortably continue his fetching obsession.

Clue #3: Forever family must have time to spend with him.

Sherlock loves people. He especially loves them when they are playing fetch with him, but he also just plain loves everyone. He’s looking for a family that will be understanding about his need to snuggle with them on the couch, and will maybe even let him sleep on the bed with them. Sherlock is good with kids, but we would prefer that with his arthritis his forever family have children old enough to recognize when he might need to take a break from playing fetch, because he certainly doesn’t! Sherlock’s ideal home would have people who don’t work long hours and have plenty of time to spend with him. And play fetch.

Clue #4: Forever family must have patience and experience owning a dog.

Did we mention Sherlock likes to fetch? Well, we just want to make sure we mention it again, because he is seriously obsessed with it. He will need a forever family that has patience to deal with his obsession, because slobbery things being dropped into your lap can get old fast.

Also, Sherlock thinks it can be fun to do the "border collie stalk" when he sees other dogs out and about on walks. His foster mom has been working with him on not doing this, as it can make other dogs nervous and could cause issues with them. Because of this, we would feel most comfortable placing him in a home with people who have previous experience owning a border collie and working with their quirks. He will need to be an only dog.

Since Sherlock has spent most of his life as an only dog, we are looking for a forever home where he can continue to be the center of someone's universe. He currently lives with other dogs, and has made it very clear that he does not appreciate having to share his toys, space or attention from his foster mom and dad.

Other fun facts about Sherlock:

  • Sherlock has lived next door to a roaming flock of chickens, but since they cannot be thrown and fetched he has no interest in them.

  • Sherlock does not like the vacuum or bumble bees.

  • Sherlock has had a full senior dog vet work up, and other than his arthritis and borderline low thyroid he is healthy.

  • Sherlock is good with cats.

  • Sherlock is being fostered in Maine.

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