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Sparkle ~ ADOPTED


Sparkle is a 9 month old split faced, tri-colored border collie with heavy ticking. She is going to have a full, thick coat and require regular grooming. She is spayed,negative for heartworm, erlichiosis, and anplasmosis. She tested positive for Lyme disease accompanied by a fever and occasional limping and was treated. She will need another test in 6 months to be sure the treatment was sufficient. She will be up to date on vaccines prior to adoption - we have spaced them out to avoid stressing her system, especially due to the lyme disease.

Sparkle is a thinker. She takes her time gauging a situation before throwing herself in. She is learning to play fetch but if there are other dogs around she prefers to stalk them. She seems to have never been on a leash prior to coming into rescue so this is still a work in process. She is unable to "come" when there are other dogs to stalk. Sparkle definitely had a lot more training to do, and attendance at a positive reinforcement training class with an approved instructor is a requirement of her adoption.

Because of her strong herding drive, we would prefer to place Sparkle in an adult only home.

Sparkle is a young dog with a lot of potential. Her perfect home would be with someone who she could spend the majority of her time with, bonding and playing. While she enjoys the company of other dogs, she came from a home where she lived in a large pack and would do best in a situation where she can bond to her person, rather than to other dogs. A fenced yard or access to a fenced play area is required for her adoption.

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