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I was lucky enough to catch NEBCR Adoptable "Speck" after a training session on a snowy morning. Here's the unedited interview:

Reporter: Speck, what is your goal in life?

Speck: Well, I've always wanted to harness my own energy to fuel a small village, but I'd settle for being an Agility rock star.

Reporter: Do you think you have the skills for that?

Speck: Are you kidding? With a good trainer, I'd be unbeatable. I am blazing fast, can leap like the dickens and will turn on a dime. Speaking of which, you got a dime? I need to call back one of my lady friends... The chicks all dig my good looks, ya know.

Reporter: Yes, the tabloids are all talking about your unique hair. How would you describe it?

Speck: Tri-colored, but my own personal twist is the Brindle Point. It's kinda what I'm known for. I keep it kinda rough length, but not too long.

Reporter: I notice you keep your ears down and your tail up?

Speck: Yep, the ears I can't really help, but the tail is a personal choice. I like to keep it up most of the time. If I'm really intense, I'll put it down like most other Border Collies.. but I don't like to be average. I think most other Border Collies think I'm strange, but that's their opinion.

Reporter: Well... ok. So Speck, what do you think of other dogs? You seem to do well with the ladies out there.

Speck: Dogs are cool. I haven't met one that I don't like. Not all of them agree with my brazen personality, though. But I respect them all. I'm a dog of the world. A lover, not a fighter.

Reporter: It seems as though you're harboring some deep insecurities. Can you talk about that?

Speck: Wow, you really know how to cut to the chase. See, my early life wasn't so great. I spent my puppyhood in a basement and didn't have a chance to get out and see the world. But now that I'm in rescue, I'm able to get out and meet people, see the sights and enjoy life!

Reporter: It's remarkable that you have such a great attitude, considering your early upbringing.

Speck: Well, I know I have a great future, so why dwell on the past, right?

Reporter: Is there anything that still sticks with you from your past?

Speck: Not really, except I don't like people getting near my food when I eat. I'll guard my food and might even snap at you. But I'm getting better at controlling myself.

Reporter: That's to be expected, I suppose.

Speck: Hey, let's talk about something else...

Reporter: Ok, what is your opinion on cats?

Speck: I live with 3 cats in my foster home. I let them come up to me and rub my face. It seems to make them happy. They're kinda cute, I guess.

Reporter: You don't bark at them or chase them?

Speck: Nope, no need. Besides I like to save my barking for when I'm really excited.

Reporter: Such as when?

Speck: When one of my foster brothers starts barking... Or when I'm in my crate and I really want to get out in the morning. Then I let 'er rip.

Reporter: Ah, I've been told you can really work yourself into a frenzy.

Speck: Yeah, I call it "warming up the reactor"... I am working on toning it down a bit though. I just get so excited, and can't contain myself.

Reporter: I see. So tell me a bit about what you know.

Speck: I know tons, but sometimes I just can't express myself, so I kinda talk and yell, hoping that everybody understands me. But if people ask me to sit, i can do that. and I come when people ask me to. and I can lie down too! and I go in my crate when asked too! I love people.

Reporter: You do?

Speck: Well, I really love MY people... You know, people that I can trust. I used to get mad when people in my foster home touched me on the bum, but once I learned to trust them, they can pick me up and carry me around upside down even. I even kinda like it when they scritch me on my bum!

Reporter: What about people you don't know?

Speck: I usually come say hi, but I also will let them know that I don't really trust them. I really want them to like me, but on my terms.

Reporter: That insecurity thing again?

Speck: I guess so. It takes a little while, but eventually I am more friendly than you can possibly imagine.

Reporter: Thanks. So just for the record, what is your health status?

Speck: I'm neutered and up to date on all of my shots (docs kinda scare me, but they keep me healthy ya know...), I've got a microchip and I am on preventatives for heartworm and flea/tick. Healthy as a horse, I am.

Reporter: And where are you living?

Speck: My fan club can write me at my foster home in MA, where my secretary lives: nebcr.dan@gmail.com

Reporter: Thanks so much for the interview, Speck. I hope you'll remember me when you're a world famous agility star.

Speck: I'll send you an autographed picture.


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