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Spirit ~ ADOPTED



PREFERRED (see below)

Spirit is a gorgeous, petite, absolutely sweetheart of a Border Collie who is about 1 year of age. She is pretty much perfect! She loves everyone she meets, she ignores the cats in her foster home and doesn't pay attention to the parrots either.

She adores a pet and a snuggle, but like most border collies, she's really all about playing with her toys! She would like you to throw them for her, please! Again. And, again. Now, please. Can you throw it now? How about now? She's ready! Here's the toy! Throw it!

Spirit gets along fine with all the dogs in her foster home. Some of them really want to play with her and if they are super persistent, she'll break down and play for a moment. But, she'd much rather YOU were playing with her, with her toys! She's pretty talented with her disc and really happy to chase and catch it and bring it back to you to throw again. She also really loves to play fetch with her ball.

Spirit is deaf, but she is very tuned in to her people and easy to work with. Instead of words, you simply use hand signals, which are actually easier for dogs to learn than words! She doesn't know a lot yet but she's ready and willing to learn. She's treat motivated (and did we mention, toy motivated!) so easy to work with.

A terrific resource for learning about living with and training a deaf dog is: http://deafdogsrock.com/

Spirit has some mild "ocd" behaviors that seem to be limited to when she is feeling bored. Have you ever seen videos of foxes leaping up and pouncing onto prey? That's basically what she will do - a little arching leap onto some imaginary prey, a quick trot around the room, and then another pounce. Just wave at her to catch her attention, and redirect to more appropriate activities like playing with a toy or chewing on a bone. She does it sometimes out in the yard as well. It's fairly mild and doesn't appear to impact her life much, if at all. The more mental stimulation (training and "brain exercise") she gets, the less likely she is to do it.

Spirit is crate trained and housetrained. She'd love to be allowed to sleep in the bed with her person, but will sleep in her crate if she must. She has a soft temperament. She is more laid back than some border collies, although still quite energetic and still needs mental stimulation to be happy. Her adopter must be willing to bring her to an approved positive reinforcement based training class. We have not seen her around children but she doesn't give any signs that she would have an issue with them - but of course she would need to meet any children she might need to live with. A fenced yard may not be required in the right circumstances, but it is strongly preferred.

Spirit came into rescue missing much of the fur on her hind end due to chewing/itching from food allergies. She is currently eating a raw diet and all symptoms have disappeared, and her fur is growing back! Ideally, her adopter will be willing to feed her raw. Her prior home indicated she had a grain allergy, so a high quality grain free diet may also suffice.

She is being fostered in NY state, south of Albany.


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