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BrightStar aka Starla




BrightStar...AKA Starla...is a 14 month old smooth coated border collie or close mix. She is very sweet, very clever, and very athletic. She definitely has potential as a sports partner or very active companion.

She gets along well with other dogs and enjoys playing with them - wrestling, keep away, chase, you name it, she is up for it! She loves toys and is very good at keeping herself entertained with them through self play. She will eagerly chase after a toy that is thrown, hasn't quite gotten the hang of bringing it back yet to be thrown again, but that shouldn't take much work.

She is slightly shy with new people but warms up nicely with some treats. She warms up more quickly to men than she does with women, which is not something we see very often in rescue. She doesn't have any handling issues, allowed me to cut her toe nails easily, is fine to be picked up, have her ears and teeth checked, etc. It is unknown at this time how Starla is with children.

Starla is fine with dog savvy cats - she has no issues with them at all but may be more interested than some cats like. She is easily redirected, however.

Starla is very bright. She quickly learned to shake hands in one training session. She has been introduced to the sport of dog mushing (pulling a dog sled with a team of 3 other dogs) and she took right too it! She seems to really love racing along with the others. She definitely has the drive, intelligence, and athleticism to succeed in the sport of your choice. She is extremely food and toy motivated.

A fenced yard is preferred but may not be required depending on your circumstances - you must have access to a secure fenced area for off-leash exercise (such as a park or similar.)

Videos of BrightStar dog sledding:

Video of BrightStar learning, through shaping, to shake hands. At first she is rewarded just for lifting her right foot up, and then once she gets the hand of that, we add in the shake ;-)

BrightStar is being fostered in NY state near the border of Southern VT.


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