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UPDATE: August 2015

Steel has been in rescue for over one year and celebrated his 2nd birthday in June. He has grown from a wild child of an untrained, klutzy, adolescent border collie with no manners and no idea what to do with all his abundance of energy into this sleek (although still quite silly), capable of exercising patience when asked, super smart and biddable, loving, and absolutely lovely adult border collie.

Steel is great with all other types of dogs, small or large, and will throw down a giant play bow if he feels comfortable that the other dog is at his play level, but, in general, he acts very mild mannered around other dogs he does not know.

When he is comfortable with his environment and peers, he loves to chase and be chased. He has developed quite an obsession with one of the other fast moving border collies in his foster home and will follow and chase him everywhere. He will fetch after his jolly ball if it is thrown, so he is able to break away from his chase games periodically. Over the winter, he had a blast in all the several feet of snow and now that it has warmed up again, he's back to enjoying swimming again.

Steel has a nice off-switch indoors and will seek out pets and couch snuggles with people (any people, Steel loves everyone!), during which times he may still smack you in the face with his paws, but he's much better about settling down now.

Steel has completed three training courses:

  • Basic Level 1 Manners
  • K9 Nosework
  • Agility Beginner Level 1

As of July, he is currently participating in a Level 2 agility class, as well as Level 2 Manners. He LOVES food and is highly treat motivated. He picks up quickly on new commands and tricks, and, in general, loves training and working one-on-one with his person (or anyone with treats). Steel loved the K9 Nosework activities and picked up on the scenting game very quickly. He's also the star of his Manners classes and excels effortlessly in agility. He has received a many compliments from all of his instructors and many of the other participants in the classes.

Steel has continued to show that he craves this level of activity and mental stimulation at least on a weekly basis (or more often, if possible). Any adopter interested in him is required to be very experienced with border collies, and have at least some experience in positive training techniques and specific plans to pursue involvement in regular training, dog-specific activities and/or sports.

Steel's health circumstances around his seizure condition have changed dramatically since Nov 2014. He had several dozen seizures from November through February, and a few more every few weeks in recent months. He has been officially diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy by a veterinary neurologist. The seizure triggers are unknown, although the neurologist has suggested that it could be due to his growth into an adult dog. Steel was introduced to a second medication in February, and the foster home, in conjunction with her vet's, as well as the neurologist's, guidance, is still actively working on finding the correct medications and dosages to appropriately manage his condition.

Other than medications a few times a day and the occasional seizure episode, Steel is as normal a dog as any young border collie. Steel's foster mom would be happy to discuss more details about the seizures or maintenance of his condition.

Steel is still doing very well on the raw prey model diet. He is a perfect weight at roughly 45lbs and is now all muscle, which he uses to sprint around the yard at top speed after his foster brother or the jolly ball. However, stopping is not a concern of his which results occasionally in some spectacular wipe outs.

Steel's foster mom can give you more information about the raw diet, or you can read about it here: http://rawfed.com/myths/feedraw.html

Check out Steel in action...

Steel is currently being fostered in southern New Hampshire.


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