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Storm is a sweet, energetic, and delightful purebred border collie who will be 2 years old in March 2016. She's very friendly with people she knows, but she has "stranger danger" with new people - particularly with men. She has a sweet disposition once she trusts you and really enjoys petting and affection. When she sees new people she will bark and bark at them initially, but if they are willing to take the time she will warm up. The best way for her to meet new people is for them to sit down, and engage her in a game of ball! She's great at tossing the ball back to people to throw again which helps her not have to get too close to people she doesn't trust yet.

Storm hasn't been exposed to any formal training, so she will need an adopter dedicated to working with her on a regular basis starting with basic manners by attending positive reinforcement based training classes, as well as giving her jobs to do and consistent training at home. She is highly food motivated, and ready to learn new skills!

Storm came into rescue quite overweight and has been working hard on dieting and exercise and is slowly slimming down! She's gotten lots of running and fetch exercise but not so much practice walking on a leash, so her leash walking skills still need improvement...but she's game to improve with your help!

While in foster care, she has had the opportunity to see and investigate some sheep and has shown some interest in them, but if an adopter that has a hobby farm or an interest in pursuing herding lessons, we could give her more exposure to see how her interest develops.

Storm does great with other dogs, she doesn't play with them preferring to play with her ball but she never argues and she gets along terrifically with everyone! She has been fine with the dog savvy cats in her foster home. It is unknown how Storm will be with children.

A fenced yard is not required but always preferred. If you don't have a fenced yard, be sure and let us know how you play to meet her exercise needs while keeping her safe!

Storm is being fostered in eastern upstate NY.


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