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Tebow (TEE'-bo) is named after the Florida Gators quarterback, and last year's Heisman trophy winner, Tim Tebow. Like his human namesake, Tebow is young, athletic, smart and it would be difficult to find a nicer all around guy.

Tebow is an 1 year old, black tri colored, neutered male with a wavy coat. He is a lean 36 lbs. He loves all people; big, small, young, old, men and women. He turns on the charm and seems to completely lose control of his legs as he slides to the ground and shamelessly solicits belly rubs! He has no personal boundary issues and feels the need to shower his friends with kisses while climbing into their laps.

He also has not shown any sign of resource guarding from people or other dogs. Tebow gets along well with every other dog he has met and lives peacefully with two other male border collies and one playful but bossy female border collie. Tebow will occasionally stand up for himself , but when push comes to shove, he would rather just 'agree to disagree' and leave it at that. He is a bit opportunistic and will figure out which dog he can push around and which ones he cannot. Once he figures out which dog will not stick up for themself, he will herd that dog during outside play.

His manners have been very good in his foster home. He has not been destructive, nor has he been caught investigating the kitchen counters. He has also never had an accident in his foster home. Tebow goes to his crate without a problem and is quiet through the night. He will only whine when he feels that he is being left out of something fun.

He does occasionally jump on people as he greets them at the door. He only does it for attention, so we just blatantly ignore him and or turn our backs on him when he does jump. He is a smart cookie! Now, most of the time when he runs to greet us, he screeches to a stop in a sit right in front of us! GOOD BOY!!!

He is a major attention hog and hates to see someone else getting pet. He pushes his way in to get in front. When he gets ignored he will resort to a very light grabbing and pulling of clothing. He has a very soft mouth and never leaves any marks and you can just barely even feel his teeth.

We just react with the words, "Too bad." and he gets escorted to his crate for a few minutes as if given a time out. This mouthy habit of attention demanding has all but stopped already. He just had 'only child syndrome' as we call it. : )

He has been learning to 'wait' his turn for attention and pets. This is difficult for Tebow since he has so much love to give! He will sit and fidget , fighting to maintain his self-control while you waiting for your undivided attention.

Tebow has proven to have a good recall and retrieval drive. He is lean and needs to put on a bit more muscle, but nevertheless, shows signs of explosive speed and agility.

Tebow's foster dad has already been working with Tebow and the Frisbee. He is very impressed with this young dog's potential! Each dog gets their turn playing Frisbee. We never work with more than one dog at a time. Tebow will shreeeeekkkk louder than any of the others, with excitement and impatience when he is waiting for his turn! He loves it!

Tebow is still a bit nervous getting into a car to travel and occasionally gets a bit queasy, but short rides to fun places have worked wonders.

He now freely jumps into the back of the van(in his crate) on verbal cue. He is anxious when he arrives somewhere new, but within a few minutes, he relaxes and proceeds to greet everyone he can with kisses and body leans.

This pup is a very affectionate, loving dog in the house and a playful, athletic companion outside. Tebow is being fostered in Western MA.

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