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If you are looking for a snuggler, Teddy is the dog for you. Teddy has been bounced around quite a bit in his first five years. He is a sweet dog who settles well in the house. He loves to take walks and be outdoors. He is fine on a leash, but he also likes to run freely. He loves squeaky toys and to play tug. He is fine with all grooming by his foster family including cutting his toenails. He needs a relatively quiet household where he will get plenty of exercise, love and attention.

Teddy's foster family has been working with him as he exhibits some fear aggression, particularly around young men who are carrying things. Teddy has been seen by Dr. Ogata at the Tufts for behavior modification training which is a work in progress. He is currently on thyroid medication and Prozac. Teddy loves women and older men, but younger men make him nervous. He does get along with some young men, but it takes work to overcome his fear.

Teddy knows sit, stay, paw (or shake), down and come. A hard fence is required because of his fear aggression.

Teddy isn't much of a barker except when he hears or sees a stranger at the door. Although he is fine with children he will not be placed in a home with children because of the busy-ness factor. Teddy is fine with cats and other dogs although he does tend to bully male dogs who don't stand up for themselves.

If you are willing to keep up Teddy's medications and continue to work on behavior modification with him, you will be rewarded with his unconditional love and devotion.

Teddy is being fostered in central NH.

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