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If you are here looking for a border collie and you really know what border collies are all about, then you should come and meet Tela. She has been with her foster family for four months now and she really is a delightful little girl. We jokingly call her our our "giant Chihuahua" as her petite features, prick ears, and smooth coat really make her look like one - and her nickname is Tela Tequila.

Tela will be six years old on June 13th. Tela loves to play with just about anything. Her favorite toy is a squeaky bowling pin that she will squeak nonstop so sometimes we have to put it up out of reach.

She loves to just be with her people. She does not like to be outside alone but will paw at the door when she has to go. She is completely housetrained and also does not mind hanging out in a crate when needed.

Some of her BC quirks are:

• "attacking" your feet when she wants to play and you think a walk is good enough

• making LOTS of growly noise when she is playing - very loud for such a little dog!

• going absolutely bonkers when "cued" that you are heading out to play - jumping up, playbowing, yipping in excitement!

Tela does get along with the other dogs in her foster home (ten in all) but does have some "eye" for them that other breeds or even other border collies may not understand. She will get into a stare with another dog and really do nothing more than that, but it is offputting to some.

She would like to be in control but really does not know how to be as she really is quite timid with other dogs deep down. So she comes off as a bit of a weirdo to the other dogs. All they have to do is give her a look back and she goes off and finds something else to do but if she is going to live with another dog, we'll have to see how they are together before making a decision.

Absolutely no kitty cats though, she seems to like them a bit too much!

Tela is being fostered in upstate NY.

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