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Have you always wanted your very own Border Collie personal assistant to follow you around and adore you all day long? Yes? Well look no further - Tess is your girl! Tess is an adorable, 8 year old Border Collie mix (we think with Spaniel of some kind) who came from a Maine shelter.

So what do you need to know about Tess?

1. ‘Velcro’ has nothing on Tess.

Tess would like to somehow be physically attached to her person. If ever you need to know where she is, just look down. Tess’s cuddling skills are top notch, and since she’s not a very high-energy dog she would gladly spend the day lounging and getting loving. Fetch? Why in the world would she want to run AWAY from her person?! Toys? Nope, all she needs is you (unless they dispense treats, then absolutely!). Ride in the car? Yes, please! Where you go, she happily follows.

2. Rodents beware!

Tess fancies herself quite the hunter. Out and about on walks she is often hot on the trail of something. Her foster mom finds her fox-like pouncing quite adorable. Tess has been working hard on her recall and is getting very good at leaving her hunting to return to her human on walks (especially if she gets a treat!), but her forever home will be one that is dedicated to continuing her training through a positive reinforcement training class. This is also why a fence is preferred for Tess, but an unfenced yard will be considered under the right circumstances.

3. Tess can be shy.

We aren’t sure of Tess’ history since she came from a shelter, but we can say she didn’t get much socializing. As much as she loves her person, she can be quite nervous around strangers.

Out and about Tess prefers if strangers just ignore her so she can approach them at her own pace. Same thing in the house, although here she will give them a good barking at first to let them know she’s there. The good news is that if you have treats and she is allowed to be brave at her own pace she soon realizes that strangers are just more people to cuddle with, and warms up to them quickly. Again though, she needs to be allowed to do this at her own pace. Due to this, we do not feel comfortable placing her in a home with younger children.

4. Tess would love a canine buddy.

Tess currently lives with another Border Collie and has no problem sharing her person, treats or even the bed with him. She can be nervous when meeting new dogs, but will otherwise just ignore them since she has no interest in playing with them or their toys. However, she is still part BC, and does sometimes feel the need to herd her canine foster brother and nip his butt when she’s feeling spunky. Often times her overly friendly foster brother helps take the pressure off Tess when meeting new people, so we feel that she’d do best in a home with a confident canine sibling who will be happy to let Tess just ‘be’ and put up with her occasional zoomie outbursts.

Check out Tess in action!

Overall, Tess is an adorable girl who will make someone a great companion. Check out Tess’s video and you’ll see for yourself.

Tess is being fostered in Maine.


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