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Tim is a BCx cross (with foxhound? pointer?) born on 17 July 2007. He's an easy going, good-natured, best buddy type who is playful and active but who is definitely "low octane" compared to most BCs and definitely has an "off switch."

The non-BC part of his breeding is apparent in his occasional desire to go off and follow a scent, so a solid fence is a requirement of his adoption, as are positive reinforcement-based obedience classes. He's a fairly gangly boy who will probably be on the larger side (50+lbs).

He's housebroken, good in his crate and the car, great with other dogs (he can be a little shy at first, especially with particularly boisterous dogs, but quickly warms up and joins happily in the play), is doing well with basic obedience, is good around horses and so far has been good in his limited interactions with cats.

Timmy learns very quickly, and is pretty solid once he has something (he doesn't experiment with different variations on a behavior a whole lot). He's a cheerful, good-natured, snuggly dog who loves to play fetch and is always eager to work with his human friends. He is always nearby, whether following his humans around the property doing chores or napping with his chin on one of their feet while they work on the computer.

He should do well in a household with folks who understand how to work with a dog who can occasionally be a little shy in new situations and with new people. (He rapidly warms up to everyone, though.) Very young children might be a bit too much for Tim to be comfortable with, but it would depend on the situation.

Timothy is being fostered in southeastern VT .

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