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Toby is a sweet, loving, energetic, three year old BC mix who lost his family. He is a chocolate and white smooth coat. Toby will choose people over dogs, although he is beginning to play with the dogs in his foster family. He greets everyone who comes to the house with great enthusiasm, regardless if they are male, female or children. He lived peacefully with cats in his previous home.

Toby does not have much training but is a fast learner and responds well to clicker training and positive reinforcement. His new family should be commited to continuing his training. He is on the large size for a Border Collie. He is extremely strong but gentle about everything except walking on leash. Consequently he currently needs a Sensible harness on walks.

Toby is house trained and rides in the car without complaint. We are currently working on crate training, but that will take a while. Toby was relinquished by a loving family who could not keep him and had a particularly hard time in the shelter before NEBCR was able to take him. It will take him a while to heal from the experience and begin associating crates with positive experiences.

Toby's ideal home will be one with active adults and older children who include him in all their activities. He will not do well in a household where he must be left alone for long periods of time. Another dog or two interested in play and companionship would be great, but Toby could be very happy as an only dog, provided he is with his people. He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball for hours, then settles in for an evening snuggle. A fence is required, as his recall is inconsistent.

Toby is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped.

Toby is being fostered in CT.

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