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Tucker ~ ADOPTED

Tucker is a fun, happy 16-month-old tri colored boy. He loves life and still has lots of puppy energy. He plays with all kinds of toys and balls and loves to take THEM ALL out at once. He is an excellent swimmer and has been getting his exercise through retrieving tennis balls in the lake at his foster home.

He is curious about meeting new dogs and loves to sniff and play with them. He's fine with meeting strangers and likes to give them a lick. He plays beautifully (albeit constantly and with GUSTO) with both of his foster siblings and would love to have a doggy playmate in his forever home. He loves to lick your face and lay in your lapâbut just for a minute, because he's VERY busy!

Tucker was purchased as a pup to do goose work on a golf course where his family lived. But since he wasn't properly trained to do this work, he chased the golf carts instead and was hit several times. Happily for him, his owner realized he needed a different kind of home. So far we haven't seen any carry-over to car chasing, which is great news!

At 8 weeks of age he broke his leg jumping out of a golf cart. This healed break isn't giving him any big problems, but because of this he probably won't be a good candidate for serious competitive sports. He would love to be an active pet and try some sports for fun.

Since he spent so much time outside in his first year of life, he sometimes forgets he shouldn't use the bathroom inside and has occasional accidents. If his new family is patient and supervises him, he will learn that outside is the only place to go.

Since he is still very puppy-like, he will only be placed in families with older children. He usually jumps up (exuberantly) when greeting people and sometimes gently ˝mouthsţ your hands and face like a puppy (we are working on both, but this training will need to be consistently reinforced).

Tucker now knows come, sit, down, paw, crate and wait (most of these he learned in about a week!!). He learns quickly, is treat-motivated and would be a fun dog to teach tricks and other skills. He will need an active home who will challenge his mind and his body every day. He has a soft, sweet personality so he needs humans that will keep all of his training fun, positive and happy.

He is still a puppy and accustomed to go-go-going all day long (working on the golf course). If his exercise needs are not met (or even sometimes when they are) he has a hard time settling down in the house and just wants to keep playing. This will improve with training and maturity. We are using a crate to help him learn to take rests and for when he can't be supervised.

Tucker's perfect home would be with an active family or person who loves doggie kisses and wants Tucker be a part of almost everything they do. They also will need to supervise him to help him practice good habits, continue his training and get him the exercise and mental stimulation he needs.

We are requiring a positively-based obedience class to help Tucker bond with his people and learn the limits and rules of his family's home. Tucker is microchipped and up to date on shots. He is being fostered in CT.

Tucker is being fostered in Connecticut.

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