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--------------------------------UPDATE --------------------------------

Tug is a very cool dog and SUCH a good boy. He still wants to play non-stop (it is SO hard to believe he turns 6 this month!!), but his indoor manners have improved immensely and he actually is settling a little better in the house if he gets plenty of exercise during the day. He hasn't marked anything or stolen anything off the counters since the 2nd week in his foster home.

He has met tons of new people both in his foster home and away. He has greeted them all beautifully with a waggy, wiggly body that bends almost in HALF, then quickly recruited each of them as his newest Frisbee tosser. He's been great with at-home bathing, brushing, nail clipping and vet visits. His coat has become shiny and soft, but his nose pigment hasn't returned...we're thinking it's just meant to be multi-colored.

Tug still isn't interested in sharing spaces/toys/food with the male or the pushy female dog in his foster home. We think he might be OK with a more submissive female dog, but he would really LOVE to have his people to himself with no other dogs. He SO enjoys interacting with his people and a toy and doesn't want anything to get in the way of that.

Tug graduated from obedience school with flying colors, demonstrating amazing focus and self-control in a room filled with dogs and strangers and he now knows lots of new tricks. Tug is a LOVE, who enjoys being scratched, petted and gives kisses...but play is his top-priority. He loves to tug, play Frisbee, learn new things and keep his mind and body busy and needs a forever family who will enjoy these things with him. Preference will be given to humans with patience, a good sense of humor and who aren't afraid of a little dirt and slobber!

Tug is an average sized, 5 year old, high drive border collie. He lives to fetch anything and bring it RIGHT back to your feet. He is extremely intelligent and learns things in just a few repetitions. He enjoys clicker training and knows down, sit, off, drop it, "last one", crate... and we're working on many more in his weekly obedience class.

Tug was relinquished for not getting along with a male dog in his home. We're not sure how much of this situation had to do with the other dog, but Tug initially wasn't very interested in interacting with the dogs in his foster home either. He is getting better hanging out with them and starting to share his beloved toys. When it comes to play time, as long as there are enough toys and arms to throw things for him and the other dog, Tug seems content.

We still think Tug would be happiest as an only dog, but would not rule out a home that had another dog that was a good match for Tug's personality, and an adopter that was committed to taking the dog-dog intros and interactions very sloooooooowly and supervising closely.

Ultimately Tug is one of those big-time "people BCs" who would much prefer hanging out with people than other dogs. He is a very wiggly, HAPPY boy and is incredibly sweet with people (in between play sessions).

Since we're unsure about how Tug would interact with children, and due to his high drive to play and work, we are recommending that Tug go to an adult only home (or one with older children).

Tug is a great athlete and, like many border collies, never wants to stop. We think he would make an excellent Frisbee, freestyle, flyball or agility dog. He is extremely motivated to work for food or toys and consequently learns things very quickly. He needs daily exercise and mental stimulation.

Outdoors he wants to play, play, play. Indoors he follows his people around the house tossing a ball at their feet, flopping down and looking up at them with an expectant smile, just waiting. He also can amuse himself for short periods of time chewing and exploring toys.

He loves to TUG too! :-)

Somehow Tug lost pigmentation on his nose (or it's possible he wasn't born with it). The vet did a biopsy and found no evidence of disease, so the pigmentation loss could be due to poor diet, food allergy or other source that caused inflammation. We are curious to see if the pigment returns now that he is eating a grain-free diet and his environment is healthier. He is completely healthy and his heavily-plaqued teeth were cleaned when he entered rescue.

Tug apparently didn't get much/any training, and is a bit rusty on indoor manners. We are working on these and they are already getting better, but he will need a patient owner who will help him remember not to steal things from the counters, jump up on people or mark an occasional object. He is very attentive to his person and can be redirected easily with a quiet command, food or a toy.

We suspect Tug lived much of his life as a "backyard dog" and didn't get to meet many strangers. He gets a little nervous when strangers approach him, but if he is allowed to approach them or if they ignore him, he warms up quickly. Especially if they have a treat or know how to throw a Frisbee!

For video of Tug in action, go to -

This is not a dog that will enjoy lying around the house. If you live an active lifestyle and want a fun, athletic companion, you should meet Tug. His ideal home will be with a patient family or person who has had some experience with border collies, is interested in canine sports/training and can help him have lots of fun, positive experiences.

Tug is microchipped, up to date on shots and heartworm preventative. He is being fostered in Northwest CT.

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