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Archie (formerly known as Valentino) is a delightful older gentleman. A BC/hound mix, he is in amazing shape after having recovered from a number of medical issues with which he was originally found.

He loves going for 3-mile hikes in the state park and thinks nothing of hopping onto low walls or in and out of the back of a van. He still gets the zoomies occasionally and has a strong prey/tracking drive, so he needs a fenced-in yard. He’ll go after deer or rabbits without a thought given the chance!

His foster family is working on Archie’s recall with his new name, but often he’s just too preoccupied ;-) He does know “sit” and “paw” and will gladly work for food. He’d probably love nosework!

Archie lived with little dogs and they got along swimmingly. His new BC foster siblings are a little more stand-offish, which is hard for Archie to understand. He would love to be an only dog or have more laid-back canine siblings.

Archie bonds very easily with people and would love to be around them all the time. His tail is wagging as soon as he sees a human! Archie hates being crated, so we’re looking for a home where someone is home most of the time.

Though delighted to run around the yard and going on long walks, Archie will happily hang out with you while you work or watch TV, and he prefers to sleep on his bed next to yours.

Archie does not like a lot of comings and goings. His dislike of delivery people has resulted in a nip or two, so this needs to be carefully managed. Because of this (not untypical) BC behavior, Archie will not be placed in a family with children.

He would be perfect for a senior looking for a loyal companion and is available through our senior to senior program.

If you think you’re the one to give this sweet dog a fun and active retirement home, and you have an approved application on file, please drop us a line.

Archie is currently being fostered in eastern MA.

Check out Archie in action...


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