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Willie ~ ADOPTED


Single Black/White Male seeking new home;

Hi Willie here. Well word is getting out I'm looking for a new home. Let me tell you a little about myself. First of all I'm a handsome devil, 7 years old so I have all the puppy chewing, peeing on the floor, jumping all over you stuff behind me. I can be a little stand offish at first but I'm really sweet and mellow. I know mellow hardly ever gets used in the description of a Border Collie but that fits me to a "T." I can settle most anywhere quickly. In fact as long as you have enough space for me to get my exercise I don't even need a fence.

Here in my foster home I have been learning to live with cats. This is new to me, previously I always thought cats were for chasing up a tree. If you have a dog savvy cat that absolutely won't run then I can control myself but if the cat runs, well you better hope he can run FAST if you know what I mean. I also have three new foster sisters. This is a big change for me you see I came from a one dog home. Same as with people it takes me awhile to warm up. I don't like them in my face I don't know why I just don't. I would be happiest as an only dog or maybe just one other.

Now to get to the really fun stuff that I like to do. Right at the top of my list is hiking but then I do love to go for rides too. Maybe swimming should be first because I really like swimming; also squeaky toys are my favorite. Oh geez I almost forgot chest/belly rubs how could I forget that . I absolutely love belly rubs. And my human I do get attached you know. Not one of those up your butt dogs that you turn around and step on but just stay fairly close. I'm what they call low maintenance in the Border Collie world. A long walk a day, a little play and I'm set. Did I mention I walk very politely on a leash? Why is it some dogs pull so much, seriously that has got to hurt their neck!!

I know sit, down, hi five and something pretty cool; when hiking and I get a little bit ahead just say "hold up" and I'll wait for you. My foster Mom crate trained me too although I rarely need to go in. Heck I don't even get on the furniture.

And now for the not so good stuff. Corn, I'm allergic to it; I can't help it I just am. It's no biggie just a corn free food my foster Mom can help you with that. And finally the reason I'm looking for a new home; kids. Now if they were born, lets say the size of a seven year old, I wouldn't be looking for a home right now. You see the little ones make me nervous; I can't help it they just do. So well behaved children seven or older are more to my liking. I play with my foster Moms grandkids every week. I love it when they throw my rubber ducky in the pond so I can go get it.

So if your home meets my criteria drop me a line or call my foster Mom. You may have just found yourself a great companion and a new best friend!

I am being fostered near Portland ME.

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