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Willow ~ ADOPTED




Willow is a 2.5 year old spayed blue merle female border collie. Willow did not get a lot of socialization in her former home so even though she is beautiful, she is shy and not always eager to go and greet new people. The best thing to do is to have new people ignore her and let her begin the contact on her own terms. She has come a long way in her foster home with greeting new people.

Willow is also wary of new dogs and she will let the other dog know if the interactions are not appropriate. She has figured out how to get along peacefully in her foster home with numerous other dogs and this has helped her a lot with other new dogs.

She is not a "dog park" dog that can go and visit a dog park and be fine with the new group. She does seem o.k., however, when introduced slowly and allowed to acclimate to a new dog, parallel walking, some obedience and hand touches in the vicinity of a new dog, etc. As with new people, just having the new dog ignore her and not get too intimate seems to a long way to helping her adjust.

Willow is very silly when she plays. If you pick up a ball to toss, she will actually come and in an attempt to get the ball, will get your hand - each and every time! So no children for this girl.

Her intake paperwork also stated she is not good with cats and will chase.

Willow will bond closely with her new family and will make a great companion in spite of her shy and quirky personality.

Willow is being fostered in eastern upstate NY.


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