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Winnie ~ ADOPTED


The 8 silliest things about Winnie...


Likes to 'help' you weed the garden by catching and shaking all the weeds you toss on the pile.


Leans in your lap and lays her head on the computer keyboard


Takes a bath every morning by rolling in the dewy grass


Sticks her head into the shower (while you're in there) to lick the drops off the faucet.


Gleefully runs around the yard with a toy in her mouth while the other dogs intensely herd and fetch


Does a wiggly-monkey dance when you get home...you have to see it!


Snorkels underwater in the lake to pick up her own leash (that she's dragging).


Lays in front of the fridge door and won't move when you open it, therefore allowing you to slide her several feet with the door to the fridge.

Winnie is a fun, silly puppy, who we think will be one year old in October 2009. She is about 40 pounds, and possibly mixed with retriever or spaniel. One of the greatest things about Winnie is that she is quite laid back for a pup and while she needs daily exercise, she isn't as intense as a purebred border collie. Unfortunately she spent her critical socialization period locked up in a small cage inside a garage, so she missed out on learning that new things, dogs and people are OK.

She has made leaps and bounds in her foster home since May, but will still need a patient owner to help her continue her training. At home, she barks when she sees a new person (this is how she shows fear), but with positive training and with the stranger allowing her to approach at her own pace, she is now able to be close to strangers with very little barking (if any). This is HUGE progress from when she first arrived. She bonded very quickly to her foster family and we know she'll do the same with her new owners. The most challenging aspect is taking her to the vet. Thankfully they are very understanding, and we have been able to put a good plan into place for when she must go.

Winnie is definitely is a PUPPY, still bounces all over 'her' humans and sometimes jumps up in the air at you to get your attention when you first get home. She's learned to 'go get a toy' to refocus her to something more acceptable (but she still tries to get you dirty if she can.) Winnie is a very sweet, wiggly little girl who loves to be petted and loved. She will literally walk/step all over you in bed or on the couch if you let her. She just wants to be close. She also loves to be brushed!

She has had the good fortune to meet many different dog breeds while in foster care, from other BCs, to aussies and even some tiny toy dogs. She sniffs, tries to get them to play and has been great with all of them. She especially loves to wrestle with her foster brother. On leash with new dogs, she used to bark to try and scare them off but she is learning to give that up, and that new dogs aren't so scary. With her foster siblings, she sometimes guards valuable objects like bones, but gives good warning signs and communicates with other dogs nicely. Once acquainted, she tries tirelessly to get other dogs to play with her.

Winnie will gleefully and quickly fetch any toy you throw, but has little urgency to bring it back to you. She also likes to go swimming in the lake or wade and splash around in a baby pool. She loves to bite the water that sprays out from the hose. She is just great for laying around the house if you're working on the computer, or laying in the yard with you while you are reading a book.

>Winnie is housetrained, and is making good progress on learning to live in a house, which was new for her. She still needs practice learning not to jump up on people, stealing food off the counter, chewing inappropriate things and getting into the trash. As long as you keep your eye on her or keep her in the same room with you, she stays out of trouble. She SO wants to be a good girl, and is still learning exactly how to do that!

She is crate trained and happily goes in for a treat. She is generally quiet in the crate, but will bark if she knows she's missing something fun. Winnie has taken a basic obedience class and did very well. She knows down, sit, stay, wait, come, crate and go pee. Since she is only one year old, she will need continued training with all of these skills.

Winnie learns quickly, loves games with the clicker and will do almost anything for a treat. She really likes to work and could have the potential for obedience, rally, obedience or another canine sport. Doing a job with Winnie would keep her mind off being scared, and could help her overcome her fears.

Out and about, she is still unsure of meeting new people and doesn't want to be approached by strangers who intend to pet her. She LOVES treats and loves to do sits/downs/stays for her person. When strangers are around, she loves to work for treats, to keep her mind off being worried. Her new owners will need to instruct others not to approach her and to give her space and time.

During a recent bloodtest we noticed that Winnie's thyroid levels fall within the low-normal range. This can cause fear/reactivity in dogs, so we are currently trying her on medication to see if it might effect her behavior. If her fear reactions lessen significantly, we will continue this medication as it could really help her to live a more fear-free life. The medication is very inexpensive and easy to give.

Winnie's ideal home will be with a patient and understanding family. She would do best in a quieter household where there aren't strangers coming and going regularly. She would love a canine pal who might let her be the boss, although she's not mega-bossy. She has not been tested with cats, but we think she'd be OK due to the fact that she doesn't show much herding instinct. She has met older children and loved them once acquainted.

If you're looking for a somewhat mellow dog, who has great learning potential and is quirky and fun, inquire about Winnie!

Winnie is being fostered in Connecticut.

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