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Oh hi, I am Wren! I know for sure itās my name, but the strange thing is· people often get confused and instead of Wren, they call me Īawwwyouaresocuteā and Īyouarethesweetestlittlepeanutā. I donāt know what that means? Anyhow, I am looking for my forever home and so I thought I would share my· what do they call it· oh yes, a biography! In a nutshell, I am one awesome little dog. And when I say little, I mean little. At less than 30lb, I am just a little peanut of a dog! But despite being so small, I am very good at a lot of things.

Where do I even start? Well, I am great at keeping track of my person and I am an excellent snuggler too. You may think there is no room left on that chair when you sit down, but I can always find a little space next to you to squeeze in. I am also very good at living with other dogs. I really wasnāt sure what to do with them when I came to rescue, but my foster sister teaches courses in Doggie Wrestling Games, Tug-o-War and Zoomies, and she says I am an exemplary student. Just recently, I graduated with an A in Playbowing!

Ooooh, and I shouldnāt forget to mention that I am also good living with kitties and birdies and other little critters. I am an excellent counter surfer too, but my foster mom says it is not the kind of excellence we are striving for in this household. I donāt know what she means? And thatās not all! I am also great at learning. My foster mom says I pick up commands quickly and even though I have only taken a couple of agility classes while at rescue, I seem to be a natural. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXO5OlzsdSE .

I love agility, and I would really, really like it if my new family continued to play agility with me. Please, please, please? Other things I am good at are coming when called (in fact, I never leave my peopleās side so that makes coming back it easy :) ), going to my crate when asked, travelling in a car and emptying toy baskets. See, I really like toys. I am not obsessed with them like my border collie foster brother is, but I like to examine them and chew on them and throw them in the air. It is a lot of fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3td2NVTWiY

Now, despite being such a great little peanut, there are a couple of things I wish I was better at. One, I am afraid of children and so I would like a home with no little people. I am not aggressive or anything, itās just that kids make me really, really nervous. The other thing I am still working on is housetraining. See, I like to drink a lot of water at once, and then I need to pee a lot. Does that ever happen to you too? Anyhow, as long as my foster parents are careful about how much water I get at once, I rarely have any accidents, but thatās something you will have to continue working with me on.

So thatās me ö I am sweet, I am agile and I am a fast learner. Now letās talk about you! If you have an approved application on file and if you think you might be just the home I am looking for, then shoot my foster parents an email. I am spayed, up to date on all shots and ready to find the perfect home! I live in Western Massachusetts, but I often vacation in Central New York.

Wren is being fostered in Western Mass, but often vacations in Central New York.

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