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PLEASE NOTE: It will be some time before this dogis ready to be adopted and before we know what type of home will be the best match. We will provide updates as we can and appreciate your patience. Once this dog is ready to be adopted, a regular bio will go up on the Available Dogs page of our website along with the rescue person's contact information. At that time people with approved applications on file will be free to inquire. To find all the information on NEBCR's adoption policies and procedures, and a link to our online application, please go to THIS PAGE.


Yongsa is a 1 ½ yr old male. When he first came into rescue he was so weak he couldn't even walk up stairs. His muscles were so under developed. His foster Mom had to carry him up the stairs for the first week. Even the muscles in his face had not developed. He was 10lbs underweight. He gained 5.5lbs in the first week just by getting regular feedings everyday. He drank over 2 gallons of water a day for the first few weeks also. He warmed up to his foster Mom and bonded with her very quickly. He is still working on trusting the rest of his foster family. When outside he will now run around with one of his foster brothers a young pup. He will play for about 3-5 mins before he wants to go back inside to the safety of his crate. . He is curious about his surroundings and is trying to be as brave as he can.

Here is a little video of Youngsa being brave with one of the teenagers in the house!

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