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Zeke is an almost one-year-old neutered border collie. He was purchased as a companion for an older gent who realized that he was probably not getting enough exercise and needed a different environment. Since then we have gotten to know Zeke very well.

Zeke is not a "bad" dog at all, but he will need a very understanding family. He is a bit "full of himself" and when pressed with something he'd rather NOT do, he will let you know. He will airsnap and stand his ground when he doesn't want to *go in his crate *go in the car *etc. We have worked on this with reward based training and he is doing much better.

Zeke will not go to anyone who uses any "positive punishment" methods of training. If Zeke is challenged he will turn to biting and we can't put him into that position. He is not a "random" biter, he has perfectly good reasons for saying "no" to certain situations. He is NOT a "dominant dog" in need of training and we don't want him being treated as such. He also cannot go to a city or suburban environment as the noise, cars, and hustle and bustle are too much for him to process.

Now for the wonderful stuff about our boy Zekie. He is a love sponge. He will crawl into your lap and just wants you to pet and love him. He is also a training sponge. He will eagerly work for you and offers all of his nice behaviors when you are not immediately paying attention to him. He has plopped into some of the fastest downs I've ever seen. He is very athletic and will begin agility training soon in his foster home having completed an obedience class with his first foster home.

Zeke gets along well with the other dogs in the household and has lived successfully with cats. He has a gorgeous black, silky, and curly coat. He loves all people he meets but he will wait for the one who can help and understand him. My feeling is that he will do best in a home where he has a clear job to do - agility, disc, maybe even some herding as he did show interest when we brought him out to the sheep.

Zeke is a special boy in search of a special (adult only) family. If you have read all of this and would like to find out more, and have an approved application on file please contact his foster home.

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