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Meet Zeus! Zeus is just 1.5 years old and is still full of puppy energy! He came to us having never played with or seen another dog or being outside his small yard. He is a big boy at close to 50# and rather thin. Zeus is a clean slate for training! He hasn't had the chance to develop bad habits- so you can train him how you want him! He is a PERFECT candidate for a positive reinforcement class. It is so rewarding watching this big boy learn. He is craving attention and knowledge.

Presently, his foster home has 12 other dogs. Zeus is not aggressive with the other dogs but has a lot to learn with reading other dog behaviors. He does better with male dogs than female dogs- both big and small. He would thrive in a home with 1 other dog.

Just recently, Zeus has discovered the privilege of sleeping in bed. He does settle nicely and although not a snuggle bug, does stay all night and looks quite peaceful and happy to be there.

Zeus was never 'taught' to play. He was never taught tricks and had very little obedience training on him when he arrived. He is SO wanting to play. He has all of the energy and drive, he is just still learning that its OK to run around a 'be a dog'. Because of this, it has been tough to get him to burn off some of that pent up Border Collie energy. He does walk well on leash and likes to go for long walks. Since he's been here he has learned to sit, down, stay and is housebroken. He is working on his crate training. He is very quiet in a crate when his 'person' is present, but doesn't like to be alone. He is improving on this daily with positive reinforcement for being quiet in his crate and something to keep him occupied like a stuffed Kong or bully stick.

Teaching Zeus basic obedience has been tough as he is not very food motivated. But I have discovered his love of POTATO CHIPS! He gets lots of chips now for settling, being quiet, and basic obedience. He will be a fun one to train! He is looking for something to do with his Border Collie brain that has been FAR under used.

Zeus is a ladies' man. He loves the female humans and is quite tentative around male humans. Even after living in our home for a couple of months, he is still leery of his foster dad. He is fearful with men and cannot be pushed with this fear. He should be placed in a home with no men.

I look forward to updates on this big boy after taking a class and thriving in his new home. He is a puppy in a big boy body! He will make someone a great companion. He has lots of love to share and you can learn a lot from each other.

Zeus is being fostered in upstate New York.

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