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Hi, it's Zoey again. I have been doing tons of hiking and wrestling with my foster brothers since I posted my first bio. The lake has finally melted andI think I might like swimming (but it's still a little too cold to go in deep). I graduated from obedience school on March 23rd and learned 'leave it', stay, name recognition, sit/down, but still need practice with these in different settings. Check out my blog! I'm learning that sitting/laying down make good things happen, but still have a hard time keeping all 4 paws on the floor and my tongue in my mouth! People's faces are just so LICKABLE, I need to get near them!

I have met several potential families and doggie playmates and really am too aroused by dogs that love to fetch. I just can't contain my herding drive and must bark/nip/herd them. I would love a wrestling buddy but it's got to be the right one (apparently it's quite annoying to dogs and humans). Also, I previously lived with an Invisible Fence and didn't do well on it (it scared me) so I can't go to a home who has this type of fence. I need a home where I can be with my people for most of the day. I like my crate, but I'd rather be with my people and will miss them if they're gone for more than 4-5 hours at a time.

Since I'm a young, high-drive border collie I need
daily exercise and mental stimulation (some kind of job), and someone to do this with me every day.

We had a thunderstorm last week at my foster home. WHOAH, that was scary. I barked and barked at the thunder and whined and whined and ran all around. Finally my foster mom put me in my crate because I was scaring all the other dogs. That helped a little, but I wasn't relaxed until that storm was over. Then I went back to chewing my bone. If you think you might be a good fit, please fill out an application and meet me.

SSLLLUURRRPPP! Hi, I'm Zoey. That was me giving you a kiss for checking out my bio. I LOVE to give kisses and be with my people. My people are the best, I follow them everywhere.

One of the reasons I was given up was for having lots of energy. And I do have a lot. But, I'm also a couch potato at heart and love to find the coziest part of the couch every night to rest. Oh, then I go in my crate when I really want to sleep or when my people aren't home.

I also love my foster sister and brother. We have a blast wrestling, playing tug and chasing each other around the yard. Well, I like to herd my foster brother like my own personal sheep, but he puts up with it very well. He's just so fast, I can't help it! I try to bark at him and chase him to slow him down. I think its great fun!

I adore my people, but I'm a little shy when I first meet new people. But as long as they give me a few minutes and some space to get used to them, I quickly become their pal and give them....kisses! I'm also a bit shy with new dogs and prefer if they don't come running up to me, that's just RUDE. I didn't get out much as a youngster, so it takes me a little longer to get comfortable.

I was raised with a few older kids and really loved them. Apparently I'm a bit too zoomy and jumpy for younger kids. I also lived with cats and did well with them too. I like to play with toys and am just learning the game of fetch in my foster home. I throw toys up in the air and pounce on them, and I LOVE to chew on bones and other things (but never things that belong to my people).

I am taking an obedience class with my foster mom so I can learn some new things. I already know sit, down, crate, go pee and touch. That's pretty good for a 1 year old pup! I need a family who will be consistent and keep teaching me all the stuff that good dogs do (apparently it's not OK to take food off the counters or bounce up in the air to give a face lick....).

My perfect home would be with a family who has lots of time to pet and play with me, and will patiently reward my good behavior to help me learn. And who understood that I'm shy so I don't like to be pushed to get petted by strangers. I would like a doggie friend to wrestle with, but they need to be able to put up with my bark/herd game outdoors. I would love a job like agility or obedience for fun, just take things slow with me. I'm super smart and will do most anything for a treat, but if I'm nervous it's hard for me to have fun. My foster mom can show you how to keep my socialization going. I'm a teeny little thing (about 32#). If you have an approved application, contact my foster mom to see if you might be the right family for me. I'm SO much cuter 'in dog'.

Zoey is being fostered in Northwestern CT.

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