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Dogs from Other Sources

The following Border Collies or crosses are available through other agencies or shelters, or as independent placements by owners. If you have a dog available for adoption that you would…


Jack is available for adoption to the right home. Very specific criteria must be met and is noted below. Please read the entire post. There will be NO wavering on…

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Aidan was relinquished to NEBCR by a loving family who had a change in their living situation that required rehoming him. He lived with two adults, an older dog and…

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Tanner came to us as a stray, found with his sister and then unclaimed by anyone. He is about 2.5 years old and in perfect health. Tanner is so sweet….

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*ADOPTED* Background Shadow is a 1-year old (born Jan. 10, 2020) active, medium to high-energy, purebred border collie. His present weight is 46 lbs; he is tall, lean and strong….

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Lady Bug

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM 2/20: Now that we’re well into week three of living indoors with her foster family, Ladybug’s true personality is coming out. She is a silly girl…


Hudson is approximately 9 years old and has been my loyal border collie/newfoundland(?) mix since puppyhood. He is an impressive 90 lbs and solid black. According to the Queensbury, NY…

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Theo is an 8 yo BC/Lab mix. He is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who adores the great outdoors and a commitment to their loving pup! He is…


Yanko is a 12 yo border collie mix who gets along well with other dogs and all people. For more information contact Nury at: nury01@optonline.net

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If you are located outside of these areas, please refer to Other BC Rescues to find a local rescue group. FIND OUT WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR NEW DOG?PLEASE READ:…