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*ADOPTED* Frida is a curvy young lady at just 3.5 years old who came into rescue when her elderly owner passed. Since arriving in her foster home, Frida has started…

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UPDATE (July 2021): Gryffin is a brand new dog! After having some of his medication for his epilepsy updated Gryffin has become so much less sensitive to sounds, and is…

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*ADOPTED* Here’s Jax!!! Jax came to NEBCR in April 2021 as a Border Collie or BC mix, but we are pretty convinced he actually is an English Shepherd.He is 4…

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SPENSER IS NEW TO RESCUE AND NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION All NEBCR dogs spend a minimum of 2 weeks being evaluated by their foster home before being made available…

NEBCR Fostering

The Experience of Fostering Ocarina: a rescue story Watch the amazing story of Rina from deaths door to recovery and finally placement in her forever home. See for yourself the…

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*ADOPTED* Rayne is a very active, young BC or BC/mix. Not much is known about her beginnings as she was imported from the south by another organization. We do know…

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JACK IS NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION Jack’s foster family is working on some behavioral issues to help get Jack ready to be a wonderful companion in his forever home….

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*ADOPTED* June is a 4 year old purebred border collie that was surrendered because she was not working out for goose work.  Upon entering foster care June was reserved and…

What can we do to make returning to work easier on our dogs?

While social distancing from the world we have been spending our time with our dogs. There’s no doubt they have been loving all the extra attention. As we return to…

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Poppy is a very special dog: she has two very different personalities! She’s a pleasure to live with in the house. She will be 2 years old at the end…