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*ADOPTED BY FOSTER HOME* Sometimes as we’re getting to know a dog that comes into NEBCR, it becomes apparent that their best forever home is the foster home they’ve been…

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FINNEGAN IS NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION UPDATE: 6/07/22In very late March, after nearly 3 months of being seizure free, Finnegan began having seizures again. While we expect that Finn…

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*ADOPTED* My foster momma (FM) says I am the perfect puppy.  I love playing and snuggling and learning and running and…all of the puppy things!  I always make my FM…

2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review This new video features the many amazing Border Collies that graced their way in and out of NEBCR on 2022.

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*ADOPTED* Moxie was relinquished when her family realized they could not give Moxie the home she needed after a change in their circumstances.  She has only had one home and…


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*ADOPTED* Zest is a 17 month old purebred border collie who came into rescue last year after being hit by a car. Through the wonderful support of NEBCR and the…