Boo is almost 3 years old, neutered male border collie. Boo is shy to new people and needs to be introduced slowly. However, Boo attaches himself to people once he trusts them. Boo is best to go to a home without children. A single male or couple is preferable. Boo is active, goofy and intelligent in his character. Boo loves to play with squeaky balls and tug-of-war with rope toys.

What can we do to make returning to work easier on our dogs?

Gryffin - Recognize Signs of Stress
Recognize signs of stress

While social distancing from the world we have been spending our time with our dogs. There’s no doubt they have been loving all the extra attention. As we return to work and schools open up again, it’s finally back to business as usual for us. But we can’t expect the dogs to understand.

We should start NOW to prepare our dogs for the new routine of spending their days alone to lessen the chance of separation anxiety. We need to set them up for success as they become accustomed to what real life will be like moving forward. Please keep in mind: if you have purchased or adopted a new dog/puppy during the pandemic, they know no other life than their life with you being home. These dogs have no old routine to fall back on and will need extra preparation and patience.

Lady Bug

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Now that we’re well into week three of living indoors with her foster family, Ladybug’s true personality is coming out. She is a silly girl who craves attention. She enjoys showing you her tummy (that is splotchy and adorable) and if she barks for attention and is asked to be quiet she lays down and rolls over, tail wagging the whole time. She’s learning to sit (not jump) to be pet. With time and attention, Ladybug will be the happiest companion and will provide you with kisses that go on for days. If that all sounds good to you, please read on…


Hudson is approximately 9 years old and has been my loyal border collie/newfoundland(?) mix since puppyhood. He is an impressive 90 lbs and solid black. According to the Queensbury, NY shelter, his mom was a purebred border collie.

Hudson is extremely loyal, enjoys long hikes and walks, and being snuggled by his human companion. He is always on alert to protect his home and his human. Hudson is unfortunately not good with other dogs or young children.

Hudson presently lives near Saratoga, New York.

For more information please call Jessica at: 518-210-9305 days


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Theo is an 8 yo BC/Lab mix. He is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who adores the great outdoors and a commitment to their loving pup! He is an extremely smart 8 year old boy who would prefer to meet his potential adopter a few times before going home.


Theo is an affectionate boy, but on his own terms. He knows his basic commands and has done some agility work.

Theo enjoys long walks and then sitting on a blanket and watching the world while chewing a nice toy.

Theo is good with dogs, but not good with children. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations.

For more information please reach out to [email protected]