About Aster


Aster is a sweet and lovely 8 yr old girl who came into rescue after her family was no longer able to care for her.  Last year she started having seizures that are controlled by two medications that she takes twice a day.  She will be on these medications for life and needs a dedicated caretaker that will ensure that she gets them everyday. 

She also has separation anxiety and anxiety surrounding new people coming into the yard or house.  She has been improving in both areas in her foster home with confidence-building training and active management when visitors are present. 

Aster is very high energy for an 8-yr old dog so will need outlets including both physical and mental stimulation.  She is eager to please and learns super fast.  

She really connects with her person and might be happiest as a solo dog.   She loves to cuddle and be near by but also likes to nap in nooks or in her crate.  While she coexists nicely with the calm male dog in her foster home, she doesn’t seek out canine companionship or doggie-play.  

Aster is an avid retriever of tennis balls and will bring them right back to you and drop them at your feet for another go, please.  She is super athletic, fast and agile as she leaps, twists, and flies through the air to catch a ball.  She doesn’t always stick her landing, though, as she will gladly crash into the ground in the interest of getting the ball as fast as she possibly can.   She doesn’t mind being “herded” by her foster brother while going after the ball.  

She walks nicely on leash and is learning not to bark at people or dogs walking by. While she is always ready to play or go for a walk, she gets overheated quickly and so needs to avoid strenuous activity especially in the hot weather.  Even in cooler weather, her exercise sessions should be kept short with breaks for cooling off.  

Aster is a unique border collie in that she has low prey drive, has been good with both kids and cats in her previous home, has no interest in cars or bikes, and is not bothered by thunderstorms or loud noises.  

She has been enjoying agility in short doses in her foster home and would like to continue!

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  • 8 years
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