About Bear


2 year old Bear is looking for an active home who can match his energy and enthusiasm!  Bear is as smart as he is handsome.  Bear was relinquished to NEBCR when his owner’s realized he need more mental and physical stimulation then they could provide. 

Bear is looking for HIS person!  He has a strong desire to be with his person and he bonds quickly.  Before coming into rescue, Bear didn’t have a lot of experience meeting strangers (2020!), so he can be a little nervous when first meeting new people or when placed in a new situation.  He relies on his person for support.  He remembers people he has meet and future meetings go easier.  He has a great recall with people he knows.  

Bear is an active dog but has wonderful house manners.  He is housebroken and, crate trained.  He sleeps happily in his crate and happily goes to his “house” when asked.  He remains in a 4 foot fence with no issues.  Bear is full of youthful enthusiasm and isn’t always aware of his body and size. Therefore, a home with older children and no fragile adults is recommended.  

Meeting new dogs needs to be taken a bit slowly, but once he is comfortable he very much enjoys being with other dogs.  Bear would do best in a home with another dog because he learns quickly by watching the other dogs.  He is very much a follower in a group setting.  Dogs that are closer to Bear’s size are recommended since he does not adjust his play style with very small dogs.   He is friendly with them, but not careful and has run over his much smaller foster siblings more than once.  

Bear enjoys learning and taking on new challenges, although he is a thoughtful guy and needs time to think.  He has been exposed some agility and he enjoys trying to figure things out.  He is an excellent ball player – he will retrieve, drop, sit, repeat.  Bear enjoys tugging, his release needs more work.  Bear walks well on a leash with an easy walk type of harness.  His leash pulling with just a collar is improving, but this is a work in progress.  He enjoys obedience work and loves trying new things. 

  • Male
  • 2 years
  • Older (see bio)
  • Yes
  • OK
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • N/A
  • Yes
  • NO