About Chance


Chance is an extroverted, active, and fun 3 yr old border collie. Not much is known about his life prior to entering rescue other than he was brought to a shelter when his owner became unable to care for him after an accident. We do know that Chance loves to play! Chance likes every toy he meets. He also enjoys other dogs and playing chase games, tug and keep away. He’s a happy fellow who enjoys life and he is looking to share his best life with someone who is equally enthusiastic and enjoys life too!

Chance likes to go for walks and to meet people and other dogs. He is very excited (and impatient) about his greetings and wants to jump up to say hello. He is working on calmer greetings and managing his impatience. A front clip harness and marking/rewarding Chance when he looks at his person have made walking enjoyable. Chance was noted to have an interest in passing cars while walking along the road. He is doing well with learning “look at me“/treat to focus his attention on his person whenever a car passes.

Chance will bark and nip at the vacuum cleaner while in use and has shown some reactivity to lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Although he will continue to bark at the vacuum when crated, he will settle happily in his crate so he can remain safe while outside chores are being done. He is sensitive to thunderstorms and sudden loud noises but recovers quickly.

Chance does show an interest in cats and other small animals. He has lived with two dog savvy cats in his foster home without incident but he may not be appropriate for a home with cats or small animals. Due to the prey drive and interest in cars, Chance will need a hard fenced yard, preferably a large one, as this boy loves to run!

Chance is crate trained and house trained. He likes to be wherever his people are and very much wants to be involved in any activity taking place. He does settle in his crate well but sometimes complains briefly if he has to miss out on any action. Chance has been fine being left alone in a room with his crate door open for several hours during the day and for overnight.

Chance is snuggly and can be mouthy with his person, although he uses a soft mouth. In a few situations, and for unknown reasons possibly related to his past, Chance will communicate his discomfort/uncertainty in ways that could be misinterpreted. For this reason, he is looking for an experienced adopter committed to providing structure, continual training and developing a positive relationship with him.

Chance has been a joy to foster! His outgoing personality and enthusiasm make him super fun to work with. We know this boy has a very bright future!

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

  • Male
  • 3 years
  • Maybe (older/dog savvy)
  • Yes
  • Maybe (see bio)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • NO