About Gilly


Gilly is a happy energetic 1yo Border Collie mix.  Gilly and her sister were relinquished to NEBCR when her family found they could no longer meet their needs after a change in circumstances. She has been in rescue about 3 months now being only her second home. It’s easy for me to say Gilly is the happiest dog I have had the pleasure of fostering.

Gilly’s life centers around her family, play, chewing a good hard bone, running very fast, and learning games with other dogs and her family. She loves to be with you following you as you go about your day. In the evening, if you want her to, she will rest next to you on the couch.  Being young and energetic she still finds some quiet time mid day. When the sun goes down, she expects dinner, one last trip outside, then treats inside her crate and she is asleep for the night.

It helps that Gilly is treat-oriented for training.  She has a good basic vocabulary of commands. She loves the positive comment “Good girl, Gilly”.  Being young she needs to continue her basic and leash training. In addition to the basic training she has been introduced to some agility equipment. She’s a speed demon when it comes to tunnels and loves jumping on the pause table.

More about Gilly

Gilly thrives with a very structured routine from morning through night.  It is important to keep her schedule or work with her slowly if you need to make changes to fit with your family’s structure.  She is an early riser and wants to go to bed when the sun goes down.  She is all energy during the day and spends time either running outside, trying to get me to play tug-of-war, or is often captivated by the activity of squirrels, watching from her windows.  When she gets excited about something outside or in, she becomes a talker.  A calm “Leave it” as you walk up to her helps her stop.  She is learning and her new family will need to keep up this practice.

Gilly goes out every two to three hours depending on the length of your walks and the amount of water she has.  We’re working on ringing a bell on the door as her cue but sometimes jumping on you all of a sudden is her back up signal.

Things you should know about Gilly:

  • She is crate trained
  • She hasn’t jumped over child gates
  • She can remain quiet when you are working at your desk
  • She knows the following commands:
    • Come
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Down
    • Leave it
    • Let’s go
  • She learns very quickly but she is young, and she needs repetition
  • She likes watching soccer games on the tv and follows the ball on the pitch

Gilly needs training for the following:

  • Reactiveness: Doorbells, dogs, strangers, bicycles, squirrels
  • Leash training: she will pull when distracted
  • Jumping: when greeting the people she knows
  • Nipping: happens less now but she will lightly nip from time to time when over-excited
  • General Barking:  she is a young reactive pup and needs her training continued.


A completely enclosed large fenced-in yard is a must for her.  We live on two acres, set back from the road and Gilly has managed to escape twice from the front door.  She is incredibly fast, and she will run onto the street. She returns upon a strong “Gilly, come!” shout but the fact of the matter is she will run onto the street which is obviously too dangerous.  She must have a fully enclosed fenced yard

Other pets

Gilly reacts when meeting new dogs but warms up to them.  We don’t have a cat and did not test her with other animals other than her roomie, a 2-year-old male border collie, and visiting family dogs.  Since Gilly is reactive to squirrels, she might chase cats and small animals.

Gilly is looking for a new family and home that has a big fenced-in yard and with someone who is committed to working on her training.  Daily walks with another friend and their dog would be an excellent start. Gilly’s happiness is very contagious and as she learns to manage her spirit with others she will make a life-long family member.  If you have an approved application and think Gilly would make a great addition to your family, please contact Bea.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

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