About Gryffin


Gryffin is currently unavailable while we sort out some changes to the medication he is on to help regulate his epilepsy. NEBCR is proud to never turn away dogs with extraordinary needs like Gryffin, and we will make sure that he gets all the veterinary care he needs before being ready to find his forever home.. As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we rely on donations from our generous supporters to help wonderful dogs like Gryffin. If you’d like to help, please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Meet Gryffin! Gryffin’s foster mom thinks he might be the best foster she’s ever had (Shhh! Don’t tell the others, she loved them too!) and so she’s going to write a small novel about him!  In many ways this 6 year old gentle giant is the perfect boy, but he has a few…err…. Quirks? Needs? Whatever, you want to call them, we know that it will take a special family with a good sense of humor and an endless supply of patience to be his perfect home, and we find that these needs just make us love him even more.

Gryffin came into rescue afraid.  Very, very afraid.  He spent much of the first few weeks in his foster home in his crate or trying to find a good hiding spot, and his previous family reported that he would spend all day hiding under the bed and in his crate at their house as well.  They loved him dearly, but knew that he needed a fresh start somewhere new.  Since settling into his foster home and being allowed to be brave at his own pace, Gryffin has made amazing progress with learning about the wonderful things life has to offer!

On one hand, Gryffin is the perfect dog.  He completely ignores cats and other dogs, and his canine foster brother considers him a very good houseguest.  He loves everyone that walks through the front door and easily wins them over with his goofy, sweet personality and ability to ever so gently (yet also demandingly) place a ball directly into their hand.  Gryffin has, shall we say, his own way of doing things, and it is usually quite endearing despite the fact that you might scratch your head at his logic at times. 

Gryffin does great with brushing and nail trims, and although not cooperative in the bath tub, holds no hard feelings and will often attempt to assist you at cleaning up the resulting mess.  He doesn’t mind the hose one bit.

Gryffin generally enjoys following his foster mom around everywhere and trying to “help” with nearly all the house and yard chores (spoiler alert, he’s not that helpful).  He also does great at staying close in his partially fenced yard.  He really has no desire to go anywhere.  In his previous home Gryffin was hit by a car, and on walks he can sometimes stare down passing cars a little too closely, so we suspect this interest would be an issue in a home near a busy street or where he had access to cars passing by.  A fenced yard is preferred but unfenced homes will be considered on a case by case basis.

Gryffin also loves a good car ride.  He doesn’t always want to get out when you get to your destination (or back home), and often is sad to see it end.  

On the other hand, Gryffin still has moments where he is afraid and nervous, and his anxiety gets the best of him.  He’s come a long way in learning how to be comfortable in his foster home, taking walks in his mostly quiet neighborhood and hopping out of the car to explore somewhere new, but really would prefer a life where he can (for the most part) be a homebody in a quiet neighborhood with someone who is there most of the day or wants a dog to run errands in the car with them (weather permitting).

So why was Gryffin so afraid? Sound sensitivities.  His foster home is working with his vet to find the right combination of medication and positive reinforcement training to help with this, but currently there are still moments where he hears something that is too scary and might want to escape back into the house because a plane is flying over head or thunder is rumbling in the distance.  You never really know what sounds might be scary to Gryffin, and so his new home will need to help him learn what his “out” or safe space will be when he hears one.  When somewhere new, Gryffin is often nervous and doesn’t know where his safe space is, and so needs to be on a leash or long line, or have the ability to jump back in the car for a minute to gather his courage.    His foster home has also found that Gryffin needs an indestructible crate (not wire or Vari Kennel types), for those times when they are not home to comfort him and something REALLY scary sounding occurs.

Gryffin also has epilepsy, and takes medication twice daily for this.  From what his foster mom has seen his epilepsy seems to be under control with his current medication dose, but his new home should be prepared to support him if this changes.  It is unfortunately not possible to know whether needs related to this will arise, but the current need is for his forever family to be diligent about getting him his meds (which he happily comes running to take when he hears the pill bottle shaking).

Gryffin is truly a special dog who will need a special home willing to help him settle in and continue with coming out of his shell at his own pace.  He will love his person with every ounce of himself, and deserves a family who will do the same.


Likes: squeaky tennis balls, every person he’s ever met, plain tennis balls, car rides, fetching tennis balls, curling up to cuddle with you, tearing up tennis balls, food!, sleeping with fan blowing on him full blast, a good hiding spot for when scary noises happen

Dislikes:  thunder, loud motorcycles, airplanes, fireworks, gunshots, bugs flying around the house, being on the wrong side of the door


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