About Rayne


Rayne is a very active, young BC or BC/mix. Not much is known about her beginnings as she was imported from the south by another organization. We do know that she loves to play!  Rayne enjoys playing soccer, tug and frisbee games. She enjoys hiking and makes a great running partner.  She has also done some basic agility in her foster home and really enjoys it. She is very food motivated and her toy drive makes training agility fun. She is extremely active and needs to have a good outlet for her energy.

Rayne is a snuggler and enjoys being close to her person.  She is up for whatever you are doing.  

Rayne is potty trained and is working on other house manners like counter surfing and jumping up on furniture and not getting into things she shouldn’t.  All of these things are getting better, but she still needs to be watched when loose in the house.  She is crate trained and rests well in there when she needs to be managed.  

Rayne enjoys playing with other dogs but has some issues. She is fine with some dogs but can have issues with others. She is not to be trusted to greet and play with dogs without very slow and careful introductions.  She does work well on leash around other dogs that are also on leash. Rayne is muzzle trained to help with her socializing and training and this should be continued especially if she is out and about where there may be other dogs.

Rayne is good with kids.  We are working on her greeting people and kids calmly.  She gets very excited to see people and wants to jump up so we feel she would be best in a home with older children.  

Rayne has made a significant amount of progress since coming into rescue and we are looking for an active home that will continue with her training so that she keeps making progress in the right direction.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

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  • 1 year
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