About Rocky


Rocky is a 10 month old border collie who is on the larger size.  He enjoys playing ball and will drop the ball after he retrieves.  He loves to play with other dogs, he will play rougher with large physical dogs but can dial it back to play more respectfully with smaller dogs. 

Rocky is pretty much a blank slate, but he is eager to learn and to be with his person and he wants a connection.  He is both food and toy motivated. 

Rocky knows some basic commands…sit, down, stay…all of these need work.  He wears an easy walk type of harness with a ring in the front for walking and is doing well with his leash manners with lots of treats and/or a toy for rewards.  Rocky is a great dog and he will thrive with continued training. 

He will be fine as the only dog but he would also enjoy a dog playmate or 2.  He is in foster with 5 other dogs in the home.  He did live with a much older cat in his former home.  He is medium energy and will settle, but he does like to be doing so he will need an active home where he can get both the mental and physical stimulation that he wants.   

Rocky rides quietly in the car.  He enjoys meeting people and dogs, but he can get a bit overwhelmed, he is young, so allowing him a moment to take everything in works well for him.  As soon as he is comfortable he will engage.  Rocky is just a really great guy who needs a person to give him love and guidance so he can flourish.

  • Male
  • 10 mos.
  • 12yo +
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