Jack is available for adoption to the right home. Very specific criteria must be met and is noted below. Please read the entire post. There will be NO wavering on the listed criteria. He is NOT for the first time dog owner, nor anyone who doesn’t have experience with herding breed dogs and behavior modification.

Jack has been bounced around way too much and must go to his forever home. He is 2 years old (DOB 1/31/19), is approximately 45 pounds and 22+ inches at the withers. UTD on shots and is neutered. He was found tied up to a light pole in NYC. Thereafter, he was taken in by an all breed rescue. They had good intentions, but they were way in over their head with his herding quirks. Jack then came to ECHO.

The following are must haves and there will be no exceptions: fenced in yard (minimum 4 feet high), no cats, no small dogs, no small animals or poultry, no children under the age of 15, (has high prey drive) must live in a house. The dog is not suited for apartment, condo or townhouse living. No dog parks. Must have an active lifestyle. Would prefer he not be left alone for several hours at a time. Gets along great with both male and female dogs and would do best living with 1 or 2 other dogs, but no more. (ie: not a large group of dogs). He also will not do well with an overly dominant male dog.


Jack’s attributes: sweet, super smart, agile, athletic, healthy, neutered, up-to-date on shots, gets along with other dogs, desperately wants to be with his person, well behaved in the house, not destructive, he does not mark in the house, knows a ton of tricks, loves the clicker, food motivated. He has very soulful eyes and a super inquisitive expression! Jack is a quick learner, he seeks praise and wants to be right. He just needs to be shown how. He is not noise sensitive/reactive. Doesn’t care about thunder, fireworks, etc. Settles nicely in the house, loves Kong toys, frisbee and tennis balls. Rides well in a crate in the truck. Hikes well on leash.

Jack’s vices: barks when feels separation anxiety, reactivity to motion, pulls on leash, reactivity to other dogs he meets on leash.

*WEHAVE BEEN WORKING ON ALL THESE ISSUES AND HE HAS GREATLY IMPROVED. THIS TRAINING MUST CONTINUE* Must use positive reinforcement but also be firm and follow through with commands. Head halter and Martingale collar‘s are a must. At this time, he cannot run off leash in an non-fenced area. He cannot live with livestock closeby.


Perfect home: active active active! Must keep Jack engaged mentally and physically. Sports home: nosework, disc dog, Up Dog, tracking, casual agility or 1 ring trials. Cannot show in a multiple ring environment (at least not in the foreseeable future). Not recommended for herding, as his prey drive is too intense. (it could be worked on tho with a skilled trainer) Would be a great hiking/outdoors buddy. Already started in frisbee and agility. Will be introduced to tracking and barn hunt.

Jack is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. He loves people and wants to find a family that he can call his own, who will help him thrive. He is currently being fostered by Debbie Lazaro of ECHO Rescue.

ALL INQUIRIES MUST BE SENT VIA EMAIL TO echorescue@yahoo.com Serious inquiries only please!