Lady Bug

Now that we’re well into week three of living indoors with her foster family, Ladybug’s true personality is coming out. She is a silly girl who craves attention. She enjoys showing you her tummy (that is splotchy and adorable) and if she barks for attention and is asked to be quiet she lays down and rolls over, tail wagging the whole time. She’s learning to sit (not jump) to be pet. With time and attention, Ladybug will be the happiest companion and will provide you with kisses that go on for days. If that all sounds good to you, please read on…

Lady Bug (LB we call her) is an Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog mix (to the best of our knowledge) and weighs approximately 38 lbs. LB is FULLY VETTED.

LB was a street dog, in TX fending for herself, and then in a shelter to have her pups at the very tender age of one and a half. She is just a pup herself and will need lots of TLC and training. Someone with experience in the working dog breed of Aussie/cattle dog mix would be her ideal adopter.

In the few short weeks LB has been in foster care she has learned to go to the door to be brought outside, is crate trained/ sleeps the night and sits to get her harness on for a walk. She walks well on the leash but will ned help in learning proper behavior when passing other dogs. She is new to living indoors and she is still a puppy, so she is still getting the hang of things.

Because she was on her own for most of her life, LB takes time to warm up to other dogs. She does now live happily in a home with another dog, however she will only be placed with another dog with an experienced handler to ensure a proper introduction and acclimation.

LB needs a home where she can get lots of exercise, both physical and metal. She is a very smart lady and needs to channel that intelligence.

Ladybug certainly indicates she is grateful for her foster home. Here are the things she loves: giving kisses, getting pet, human attention, giving kisses, toys, walks and giving kisses. Also, giving kisses.
Here is what LB needs to be the best she can be:

  • Humans home more often than not
  • No children under 10 due to her jumping and herding tendencies
  • Breed experience is a must!
  • A huge amount of activity on a daily basis
  • A JOB….he will need a daily challenge to keep her engaged and happy.
  • LOTS of chew toys!!
  • A family with patience as she navigates being a pet.
  • Experienced owner with breed knowledge who has time to build trust
  • To be an only dog or with someone who can work with her to live agreeably with another dog
  • Continued socialization and training.
  • LB is Not a dog park dog
  • A rural home, or a home with a fenced yard, she will not thrive in apartment/condo setting or busy city environment
  • A fenced yard is preferred to keep her safe, work on training and get exercise.
  • NO CATS!

Ladybug is currently with Golden Huggs Rescue.