Russell is a 4 year old with the energy of 2 border collies. He’s SO lovable, loves walks, swimming, hikes, sticks, balls; any toy really! He gets along with any dog he’s come in contact with but hasn’t been around cats, so I’m unsure how he would react.

He is crate trained, house trained, and loves to be outdoors. His ideal home needs to have a fenced in large yard or land to run- he’s been off leash many times and has never run away. 

He doesn’t like car rides but once he’s in and you get to a fun destination he’s good to go! He doesn’t do well with walking next to cars, as he tries to launch at them (he could be trained to not do so). 

He’s a great dog and would make a wonderful addition to your home !!! 

For more information, call Amanda at 518-530-9776