Ryker was a stray in Utah in 2017. I rescued him from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and brought him to live in Maine. Our best guess is that he is around 7 years old now. Ryker is a sweet, intelligent, silly guy. He loves to chase balls, practice his wide assortment of tricks, and get lots of belly rubs. I am looking to rehome Ryker somewhere that suits his personality better. I am an extrovert who wants to be busy all of the time. Ryker is an anxious and fearful dog who wants to stay home, wander his yard, and walk the same quiet route each day. I would love for him to find a home that can fulfill these needs for him.

Ryker is dog reactive and often very fearful. He has dog friends that he knows and loves, but is not good at seeing dogs from afar and needs intentional intros in order to make new friends. He would do best as an only dog, but could possibly reside happily with a calm and respectful dog sibling. There is so much more to be said about this loving goofball. If your home sounds like it might be a good fit for him, please reach out! I am happy to talk all about him 🙂

Phone: 978-732-4034
Email: Allimccadden@gmail.com