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Why a Fence?

by Kathy Chittenden, NEBCR Volunteer MY STORY: I adopted Rusty from my local humane society. He was the most handsome, unusually brindle-colored Border Collie or mix that I’d ever seen….

Adoption Policies

Application The applicant must be at least 18 years old.   If applicant is under 18 years, parent or guardian must fill out the application and be the person that…

Calendar Order Form

To order, fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you with the total amount due and how to send payment. The cost is $20 plus shipping.

Dogs with Jobs

Dogs in general are happiest when they are doing “something.” A Border Collie is no exception. In fact, if not given something to do they may create their own “job”…

The Pat Sides Seniors for Seniors Program

In honor of NEBCR’s dear friend, and longtime Border Collie rescue advocate and volunteer, Pat Sides, we have created the Seniors for Seniors program. Through this program, NEBCR will waive…

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Is a BC right for you? Border Collies are intelligent and versatile, yet can be quirky. Learn more about the breed to find out if adopting a Border Collie is…

Our Mission

New England Border Collie Rescue, Inc. (NEBCR) is a group of volunteers working to find homes for stray, abandoned or unwanted Border Collies throughout the Northeast United States.