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Welcome to NEBCR Newsletter & Journal

Dear Friends and Family of NEBCR: Welcome to the NEBCR Newsletter & Journal. We want this to be your publication. In order for that to happen we need you to…

Newsletter & Journal 1.5

VOLUME I NUMBER 5 Meet the Editor of NEBCR’S Newsletter & Journal, Carole Presberg A handspinner and feltmaker, I was contemplating getting sheep to support my fleece habit in 1978….

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**ADOPTED** Daisy is a beautiful, female, six-year-old smooth coat Border Collie. She is a lower energy, is incredibly sweet and loving, and is happiest when she is with her person….

Newsletter & Journal 1.4

VOLUME I NUMBER 4 Comparison: Humans vs. Dogs by Judy Parsons Humans: approx. 1 billion neurons intheir brain; dogs: approx. 500 million.Here’s a comparison of the two species and the…

Newsletter & Journal 1.3

VOLUME I NUMBER 3 Health: Leptospirosis by Barbara Swartzlander ZepherJoe, my 7-year-old Border Collie, was a fantastic agility athlete. He loved the game. He died on November 1, 2021, just…

Newsletter & Journal 1.2

VOLUME I NUMBER 2 The Pat Sides Senior-to-Senior Program Pat Sides was a dear friend and a long-time Border Collie rescue advocate and volunteer. She lived in New York City…

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**ADOPTION PENDING** Introducing Scotia, a cuddly, warm, loyal, blue merle female border collie. Scotia is on the calmer side for a border collie as she is okay chilling on the…

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**ADOPTED** Ozzy is hilarious.  At times, he’ll get three toys out of the toybox, and figure out how to play with all of them.  He’ll grab a tennis ball and…

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**ADOPTION PENDING** Butterball is a 3 year old Border Collie. BB LOVES LOVES LOVES to snuggle. He has some short bursts of energy, but is actually a very calm border…