About Addie


My foster momma (FM) says I am the perfect puppy.  I love playing and snuggling and learning and running and…all of the puppy things!  I always make my FM smile.

FM says that I am amazing.  When I was a baby puppy, I lived in a place where I didn’t see peoples very much, but instead of making me afraid of peoples, it made me want to be around them more.  But I didn’t get to learn all of the puppy manners and how to live in a house.  So I have been learning that.

I have lots of energy and need peoples that want to do fun things with me.  But they also need to understand me because I am deaf.  I love to learn and can be just like any other puppy.  I just need to learn a little differently.

Deaf dogs can be just as smart as other border collies.  FM has a friend who is a deaf border collies who does tricks, take hikes off leash, and even earned his agility championship.

I need a fenced in yard.  I love running around and playing.  I love my people, but if I don’t have a fenced yard, I could wander off exploring, and I wouldn’t be able to hear you calling me back.

Deafies like me are fun!  FM says she sometimes forgets that I cannot hear…and sometimes she even swears that I can because it appears as though I react to sounds.  But I really am deaf.

If you become my family, maybe I’ll tell you my secret on how I do that!

  • Female
  • 10 mos.
  • Older
  • OK
  • Unknown
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • YES
  • NO